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AdBoard Members:

VISION-Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP) is the national association, uniting all sectors of advertising suppliers, guided by the highest standards of ethical, professional and responsible trade practice as partners in the advertising industry.  MISSION

1. Professionalize and upgrade the business trades and services of advertising suppliers and firms; 2. Uphold the highest standards of trade practices and ethics in the conduct of business, and advance the dignity of the profession; 3. Promote the welfare of the Association as a whole and its various service/trade sectors and members, individually; 4. Develop and sustain more effective working relationships between the advertising service firms and the other sectors of the advertising industry it serves; 5. Uphold the tenets and ideals of the ADBOARD and the principle of self-regulation within the advertising industry; and, 6. Foster social responsibility among advertising service suppliers, and help protect the interests of the Trade, in general, its member-sectors and individuals, in particular, and the public at large.

Cinema Advertising Association of the Philippines (CAAP) is one of the sectoral members of Adboard. As early as the 1950's, cinema advertising was already established at that time with the presence of five-mimute documentaries created by commercial and movie producers. Most of the media advertisers included cinema in their plans, making 1979 to 1982 the Golden Years for Cinema Advertising. However in 1983, the increase in the popularity of video technology in the field of commercial production as well as the political turmoil that culminated in EDSA caused the downward stride of the industry. In 1988, TV viewership dipped considerably due to the power crisis during the Aquino and Ramos administrations. Most people turned to cinemas which allowed the cinema industry to move up and recover. Due to their affordability, movies are regarded as the cheapest form of entertainment. Apart from the cost, hi-tech facilities and Tagalog and Hollywood blockbusters are other undeniable incentives to an ordinary moviegoer. IBA • to work for the professionalism of the blocktiming industry and to participate and contribute to the upliftment of program standards; • to enhance the working relationship between IBA and the networks and to work in close consultation with advertisers and advertising agencies, as well as other industry related organizations, in all trade matters affecting each other mutually; • to foster social responsibility among blocktiming practitioners and help protect the welfare of the general viewing public.

IBA also gave its full support for the approval of the VAT exemption in the broadcasting industry. Equipped with dynamism, the Association dedicates itself in serving a vital link between Broadcasting and Advertising.

IMMAP members—professionals and practitioners of the industry—grouped together in 2007 to address the need to push the wonders of the internet and mobile.  As an association, IMMAP sees these opportunities, and recognizes the urgency of harnessing its potential for economic development, not just for the industry, but for the national economy as well. IMMAP has embarked on working towards educating and providing the necessary digital tools for advertising and integrated marketing professionals to make better communication decisions.  

Since its early days, IMMAP sought to affiliate with the industry organization that spearheads the advertising and marketing industries.  And, as the media landscape grew, IMMAP also aligned with the regulating body on advertising.   In 2008, IMMAP became a member of the international group, the Mobile Marketing Association. Membership to the IMMAP is open to organizations that offer internet and mobile as marketing platforms to companies for use in communicating and interacting with their set of customers, including organizations that...
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