Advertising - Creative Objections

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Creative objections
Creative objective and strategy statements serve three purposes 1. Continuity in advertising
2. Guidance and direction to the agency
3. A framework for evaluation
Ex. Of creative objectives:
A. to increase frequency of use or variety of use
B. to attract new targets
C. to encourage trial purchases
Creative Strategy
* Deals with how an advertised product appeals to its target market * Creative team must come up with the central theme or that one big idea that will bond all commercials and ads together into a cohesive campaign * Must also consider tone and style

* Creative team must use an appropriate appeal technique Ex. Factual appeals, comparative appeals, comparative appeals, use of humour, emotion, sexual and lifestyle appeals. see page 133 Creative Execution

* How to present the message so that maximum impact is generated * More commonly used presentation tactics include:
* Testimonials
* Endorsements
* Demonstrations
* Product comparisons
Creative Evaluation
* Clients review creative ideas submitted by an agency using a technique called the managerial approach * Purely subjective and open to interpretation
* Often the evaluation is based on the following
1) Does the advertisement communicate the creative objectives 2) Is the ad on strategy
3) Is the ad memorable
4) Is the brand recognition effective
5) Is there a need for the ad to be researched
Creative research techniques
* Creative research is conducted in either a pre test or post test situation * Among the more common techniques for measuring effectiveness are: 1) Recognition Tests
Respondents are tested for awareness
2) Recall tests
Respondents are tested for comprehension
Starch readerships tests are used to evaluate recognition and recall in print advertising
Measures the following
a) Noted % of readers who remember seeing the...
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