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part 1
An Introduction to Advertising

chapter one
Advertising Yesterday, Today,
and Tomorrow

To define advertising and review its evolution. You will learn what advertising is and what it is not; the role advertising plays in business and our economy; how advertising evolved into what it is today; and the impact that advertising has on society. After studying this chapter, you will be able to:

* Define advertising and distinguish it from other forms of marketing communications. * Explain the role advertising plays in business and marketing. * Explain the importance of advertising in a free market economy. * Discuss how advertising evolved with the history of commerce. * Explore the impact of advertising on society.



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The Beatles, Twiggy, and Queen
Elizabeth were all fans of the Mini Cooper in

could make our marketing dollars count by pre-

the swinging sixties. Well-publicized purchases by

relations, gear, and other brand experiences,”

celebrities—backed by groundbreaking design—

said Martin.3

senting creative that went beyond ads, to public

helped the original Mini motor through 40 years

CP+B delivered with a quirky but integrated

of production that put more than 5 million units

teaser campaign in fall 2001.4 Print, film, outdoor,

on the streets. British Motor Corporation’s icon

and Internet ads along with guerilla marketing

was largely absent from the United States after

stunts fueled a word-of-mouth fire among the

1967 because of changed emissions standards,

targeted group of consumers: opinion leaders.

but the original had (and still has) a huge follow-

Demographics for Mini are not really relevant . . .

ing worldwide. In a poll of automobile experts

but you can find a mindset” common to the peo-

and industry journalists, the Mini ranked as the

ple likely to purchase them, said Martin.5 “These

number two “Car of the Century” behind the

are people who have a great appreciation for de-


revolutionary Ford Model T.

sign and style; they’re confident but not cocky;

In 1994, the Mini’s new parent company,

successful, but on their own terms. They love to

BMW, recognized the makings of a retro-cool

discover things on their own and they don’t like

profit grabber. To tap into the Mini’s potential,

to be hit on the head with marketing messages.”

BMW pumped about $500 million and six years

Therefore, all of the advertising empha-

into engineering a Mini that met the luxury car-

sized the newcomer’s small stature and out-

maker’s standards for safety, performance, and

sider mystique. Minis mounted atop Ford


knockout looks.

Excursions roamed through key urban markets,

In March 2002, the new Mini would go on

and they got free TV exposure when they were

sale in the United States. Kerri Martin, the Mini

parked in the stands at pro baseball and foot-

USA marketing communications director, needed

ball games. Magazine inserts established a

to determine how best to introduce this retooled

cheery personality for the Mini, inviting readers

icon in the world’s largest market for automo-

into its friendlier world, where those in the

biles. After a four-month search for the right

know went “motoring” instead of “driving.”

advertising agency, Martin enlisted Crispin

Plain black billboards with white taglines such

Porter+Bogusky, a well-established, Miami-based,

as “The SUV backlash officially starts now”

boutique agency. “Crispin convinced us they

drove the curious to




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part 1 An Introduction to Advertising

Thrifty and creative media planning maximized a relatively small budget of about $20 million (one-fifth of what Chrysler had...
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