Advertising on Print and Out-of-Home Media

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Brand Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Q1(p225)Strategic planning is the process of identifying, choosing and implementing the most efficient or profitable means of ensuring long-term compatibility between the internal skills and resources of an organization and competitive, economic and social environments within which that organization operates. The strategic process consists of five key questions, they form an iterative process of brand assessment that involves analyzing the relevant issues to do with the status of the brand, isolating the problem to solve, developing alternatives strategies, choosing the best from alternatives, and lastly monitoring the strategy’s success. Q2(p225)The first aspect is Target Audiences and Publics. It includes more than just consumers, which consists of all those who might influence the purchase of product, such as investors, government, employees, suppliers and etc. Second aspect is the Media and Contact Points. Brand communication is designed to maximize all the various types of contacts that a consumer and other audiences might have a company or brand. Contact points, are also all the ways in places in which a person can come into contact with a brand, all the point where message is delivered. Then, the Integrated Effectiveness Evaluation as another aspect where evaluation should assess the campaign’s performance at a macro and micro level. Planners are interested in knowing what components contribute to its intended objectives and effects, and usually brand’s campaign is difficult to evaluate as there are multiple efforts with multiple objectives. The last aspect is the Evaluation of Other Communication Tools. As it stated, planners should look at all the tools that applied as many of these tools may be overlapped and they all need to be measured in terms of contribution to the brand. Q3(p225)Account planners are those who in an agency who uses a disciplined system to research a brand and its consumer relationships in order to devise advertising message...
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