Advertising Strategy

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Consumer product are basically goods that are bought for personal or household use, as distinguished from capital goods or producer's goods, which are used to produce other goods. The general economic meaning of consumer goods encompasses consumer services. Thus the market basket on which the Consumer Price Index is based includes clothing, food, and other goods as well as utilities, entertainment, and other services. Whilst b2b is business-to-business product. Business to Business is a service based companies as opposed to any form of ‘B2C’ (Business to Consumer) company. B2B product-oriented company or strictly a web-based B2B firm. An example of a B2B product is, e.g: Selling office equipment to companies who wish to upgrade their existing furniture.


Determining selling premises, product preposition and product image The Converse shoes premises that it is the worlds’ recognised shoe and widely worn by men, women and children. The packaging that Converse supply people with is brown boxes with flip lids and a key ring is often supplied with the box. In terms of appearance, the Converse footwear has divided into two different types that is of a high top and low top boot. The low top is cut just below the ankle while the high top is an ankle boot. It also comes in many different colour and funky designs. There is a logo on the heel of the rubber facing outwards and a patch on the outer side of each shoe with their famous logo on the tongue of the shoe. Furthermore, the materials used for the Converse shoe is mainly made out of thinness canvas with a rubber and toe piece. The laces are mostly white the metal eyelets are used to hold the laces in place whether it is worn criss crossed or straight across. The wear ability of these shoes is that it provides with any size you want and is extremely comfortable. Unfortunately the lifespan of these shoes is only about 8 to 10 months if it is worn regularly. It cannot be worn under the rain as well as it damages the quality and material of the shoes. Most importantly the price of these shoes is only RM200 to Rm300 from most major shoe retailers, most recommended purchase and best worn in dry weather. The product positioning of Converse consumer product is fashion positioning. Converse is positioned as a fashion related brand and also other extensions and product lines. Converse shoe advertisement shows the different designs in shoe fashion of the brand to a certain targeted audience. The shoes that Converse advertised are for fashion statement and sometimes sports related. The position of Converse advertisement is towards more to style and it is a fashion brand. Besides that, the image of the product is focusing on comfort and features. The advertisement shows the various designs of Converse shoes and also the models who wear must portray a comfortable feeling when advertising the shoes. The image that they would want to get by the audiences is that the brand is available for average and high income people from different lines. The audience that are targeted should be interested in the Converse advertisement; most of them should be sporty and fashionable people. As Converse is a lead in global designing, manufacturer and also marketer of high quality sports footwear and also fashion related shoes, it is strongly involved in street-fashion and not to mention music markets with innovative ideas. Image of the advertisement which would be portrayed is quality, comfort and also classic to be perceived as free-spirit and creative. The advertisement also portrays many choices of shoes with colour-themed shoe boxes which could be imaged as fun and self-expression.

Target Audiences
The targeted group of the advertisement for Converse shoes, which is a consumer product. The advertisement is used to attract the attention of a particular targeted audience which is children, teenagers and young adults. It shows young and youthful...
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