Benefit of Computer

Topics: Learning, Computer, Computing Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Name: Vu Hoang Thanh Tam
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ESL 099 class
Essay about Computer
Nowadays, computers are very popular and became an important part in our daily life. People have a lot of option to choose new technology products. Some people prefer to use smart phone or Ipad because it look small , beautiful and portable while others claim that they want to use their old computer. In my opinion, i prefer to use my own computer for a number of different reasons. Firstly, computers connect all people all around the world, everybody can make new friend or keep in contact with their old friend who is studying same class in high school or living far away. For example, they can use social website such as Facebook or Skype to video chat or playing same game together. i really enjoy it, I can have may friends from different countries and share many experiences that I never know before I am using computer. Secondly, computers have benefit of the development of fundamental skills. There are many education software that help children and students practice and develop their own skills. For example, computing science students can find plenty of information for their major program like C# or C++ easily and children can come to libraries to access the computer doing their homework and help them to learn many new things such as numbers, colors, and shapes by playing easy game. In fact, many students become depending too much on computer, so it is very important for education purpose. Thirdly, computer help people reduce stress after long hours working and studying every day. They can use a lot of function in Internet to entertain themselves. For example, the can play game online or chatting with their friend. Moreover, they can listen to music, read news or watch their favorite television movies by Netflix website on the internet. In short, computers bring home entertainment to everyone. However, using too much internet everyday can bring negative effect. For instance, students...
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