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Business Management 1B 01/ 08 / 2012 Question 1
1.1a) Metro police officers are overweight and unfit.
b) Senior Offices don’t want to keep in shape because they feel physical fitness is no longer requirement for them e.g. Chief Robert McBride. c) Shortage of staff restricts Metro police from forcing it member to go to gym for an hour. d)Lack of discipline “ you find that officers don’t keep fit immediately after landing their jobs “ Said Malaza.

1.2) SAPS recruitment and selection process involves a gruelling physical fitness test, that consist of running a 2.4km in 12 minutes and 50 push ups in a minute. Candidate needs also to do 48 sit ups in a minute as well. Those who successful progress to a six month training program before finally qualifying as a metro police officer. The selection process requires that member who get selected have a waist that no bigger than 102 cm for men and body fat percentage of no more than 15% for men. Aged between 18 and 30. This selection process emphases on physical fitness before anything else. This ensure that officers are able to carry out they duties, which is protection of innocent Citizen from criminals. Police officer are required to chase criminals on foot sometime, hence physical fitness test is of paramount importance. 1.3) Five Factor that make up the retention function for HR

a) Training and Development: training is the planned and organised process of providing employees with specific knowledge and skills to perform their jobs. Development is also a planned method of providing employees with skills and knowledge that will prepare them for future positions. SAPS provide training to it new members for six months before they can qualify as full offices, this ensure that they poses the necessary skills to perform their work. b) Performance Management: provides information that guides the training and development function in the organisation. Performance appraisal is a process of evaluating employees job strength and weakness e.g. SAPS use the fitness test as way of measuring potential employee strengths and weakness. c) Remuneration and benefits: employees receive remuneration in return for their services. Remuneration can be either financially or non- financially .e.g. SAPS provides they employees with gym facilities. D) Labour relations: labour relation main focus is with ensuring balance between employees and the employers plus unions. It also ensures that Government legislation is properly adhere to by employers. E.g. SAPS fitness test is in accordance with the national law’s according to Mr Monty Naidoo. E) Human resource administration: This function involves administration of personnel affairs, such as updating records, calculating and paying wages and Salaries. 1.4) a) Physical fitness becomes a key performance area for all metro officers. b) Senior officer should conduct physical training with new officers. c) Reward offices that excel in keeping healthy fitness. d) Subsidise external gym contracts.

Business Management 1B 01 / 08 / 2012 Question 2
2.1.a) Internal Marketing
Internal marketing is an inward facing (organisation) marketing, it ensures that everyone in the organisation embraces appropriate marketing principals and organisation objective are matt. At one level the various marketing functions (sales force, advertising, customer services, product management and marketing research) must work together. Other departments within the organisation must also embrace marketing ,be customer orientated. b) External marketing

External marketing is when the company communicate via (TV ads, radio ads, new paper ads and social networks adverting) it product and service to a potential consumer. It communicates to Market...
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