Death of a Salesman

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9. Linda is a multidimensional wife because she continues to defend Willy when he treats her like she is worthless. However, Linda suffers from her treatment but she does not make a big deal about it and continues to support Willy and her children. She defends Willy and supports him through financial issues. She also brings the family together and is the back-bone of the family. No matter how she is treated she continues to be supportive. 10. Willy is conqueror of the New England territories which allows him to have dreams and goals of going to these places and becoming successful. Willy’s brother, Ben, moved to Alaska and found a diamond mine and became rich. Willy wishes for the same success and wealth as his brother but cannot reach that goal. The” faraway places” represent his dreams and goal for financial success. Is Howard a villain?

Howard is somewhat a villain but he is also sympathetic. He is completely oblivious to Willy’s problem. Willy’s confusion of the personal and business world puts Howard in an awkward position. Howard feels no personal connection to Willy, but Willy had a connection to Howard’s father and a personal loyalty to Howard. Howard pretended ignorance of Willy’s situation, which becomes clear, is a way of distancing himself from Willy. Willy has a good claim on the company and has been there for years so Howards claim to the situation is unethical. Howard does not want to be trapped by Willy’s expectations but he also does not want to have to pay attention to the fact that Willy has devoted his whole life to the company which owes him more .
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