Development of Advertising in the Philippines

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How it was before...
* Line drawing and artistic lettering dominated print media advertising before photography became technically and economically practical. * Color printing have been employed not only for the sake of realism but also to attract readers and viewers. * Photography has not completely taken over the function of painting and drawing in printed advertisement. * There were several instances when products are better rendered in paint or pen and ink than through photographic means.

Development of Advertising
* First newspaper to advertise local products
* Published precios corrientes or current prices of commodities

* First to feature boxed announcements
* Included auctions, lost and found cases, arrival and departure of ships

* Began to feature illustrated advertisements
* Ads were simple vignettes of products

* Pages devoted to advertisements mainly boxed notices
* Ads with a full illustration i. e. Botica Zobel façade

1900: Improved commerce promoted print advertising.
Newspapers were sometimes trilingual as in the case of Excelsior (1905-1941) and Renacimiento Filipino (1910-1915). The works of Jorge Viejo and Jorge Pineda had art nouveau borders enclosing both illustration and copy.

1920: Formal advertising began.
One man advertising:
* maintain contact with advertisers
* write advertising copy
* present layout and artwork
* deliver to publications

Stereotyped announcement Potent selling tool
Spacemen or spacebrokers:
* solicitors whom newspapers hired to sell space to advertisers * prepare their own layout, copy and artwork
* seek to fulfill quota
* serve the personal taste of their own clients
* Also sold circulation

Frank J. Herier – Napoleon of Phil Ad
Manuel Buenaventura – 1st Pinoy AdMan
Pioneering Advertising Agencies: None of the agencies survived after WWII * Phil. Publicity Service Inc. by Edmund Bullis
* Philippine Agency Service Co.
* Philads – Media Representatives
* Phil. Advertising Bureau
* Ros Chanco Advertising
* International Advertising Agency
* Jean Bisson Ent.
* S. S. Schier and Co.

Advertising Agencies after WWII:
* J. Walter Thompson
* Grant Advertising
* Ace Compton

Ambitious Advertising scheme:
SOAP OPERA: (aired dailiy in radio stations by P&G)
* Dr. Ramon Selga
* Gulong ng Palad
* Ilaw ng Tahanan
* Prinsipe Amante
* Aklat ng Pagibig

First Competitors
* Perla, Wheel, Tide, Breeze, Drive
* Lifebuoy, Palmolive, Lux

Beginnings of RP Radio Broadcasting
* Officially began on Dec 30, 1930
* It had evolved as a form of mass comm
* KZRH went on the air with a 10-K power
* During WWII, the Japs took over
* After the war, stations resumed operation
* Growth of its popularity in the provinces
Initial Problems
* Commercial nature
* Philippine politics
* Lack of strong regulatory authority

Commercial Nature
* Advertisers preferred to advertise in programs with the greatest audience following * Producers adhered to stereotyped, sure-fire formulas generally consisted of soap operas * Comedy programs were littered with vulgarity and inanity * Conversations between emcees and contestants were spiked with character assassinations * For lack of materials performers ad-libbed and repetitive and nonsensical lines * Lack of trained manpower resulted to low program quality

Philippine Politics
* Anyone with enough money could monopolize airlines
* Radio law abetted establishment of more stations
* Politicians used radio to promote themselves

Lack of strong regulatory authority however was solved when Proclamation 1081 created the Media Advisory Council’s (MAC)...
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