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Lubin School of Business

FALL 2014
CRN 70433

Wednesday afternoon 1:20 PM to 4:20 PM
New York City campus
Professor Edmund H. Mantell
University office : room 530 in NYC and room 524 at the GC in White Plains University telephones: NY: (212) 618 6520, GC: (914) 422 1964 Consulting office telephone: (914) 725 4882 (this is the best number to use) E-mail address: (N.B. I usually access this mailbox once daily) Required text: Ross, Stephen A., Randolph W. Westerfield and Jeffrey Jaffe CORPORATE FINANCE, tenth ed., McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2013

(1) The instructor will presume that all enrolled students have satisfied the prerequisites for FIN 647. These include Graduate level MBA 626 Minimum Grade of B and Graduate level MBA 628 Minimum Grade of B and Graduate level MBA 632 Minimum Grade of B) or (Graduate level MBA 644 Minimum Grade of B and Graduate level MBA 646 Minimum Grade of B and Graduate level MBA 648 Minimum Grade of B) See the graduate catalog.

(2) The final examination will be comprehensive of all lecture materials as well as all assigned readings.
(3) The final examination is scheduled on Wednesday, December 17, 2014. See the on-line academic calendar.
(4) The student is presumed to be familiar with the financial theory found in Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the assigned text. The material in Chapter 4 is especially important. It is related to the valuation of intertemporal cash flow streams. The analytical concepts developed in Chapter 4 will be applied often in the materials included in this syllabus. The student should be able to answer problems 1 through 34 appended to Chapter 4. (5) 5% of this course’s grade is based on completion of Bloomberg Essentials Training program, which will train you how to navigate the Bloomberg Professional Service. The Bloomberg Professional Service is an important data, news, and analysis resource used

Syllabus for FIN 647
Advanced Corporate Finance
Fall 2014
Wednesday afternoon, CRN 70433
Professor Edmund H. Mantell

throughout professional finance (please see for more details).
The Bloomberg Essentials Training program is provided directly through a Bloomberg terminal, of which Lubin has several. You must first create a Bloomberg account on a Bloomberg terminal, after which you can access the Bloomberg Essentials Training program. If you have already completed Bloomberg Essentials Training program before taking this course you will receive the 5% credit, and you are not required to complete the Bloomberg Essentials Training program again.

Should you fail the assessment element of the Bloomberg Essentials Training program, you should create another Bloomberg account and retake the Bloomberg Essentials Training program using the new account. Upon completion of the Bloomberg Essentials Training program, including successful completion of the assessment, you must provide to your instructor documentation from Bloomberg that you have successfully completed the Bloomberg Essentials Training program.

The Bloomberg Essentials training is done through the Bloomberg terminals. Go to a terminal and open Bloomberg. Then, create a username and password using your pace email account. Then, log into Bloomberg. Then, search for “Bloomberg Essentials.” You will get to a screen in Bloomberg that details how to complete the training.

Professor Richard Ottoo, in his role of Director of Professional Certifications in Finance, is available to students at should you have any difficulties or questions in relation to Bloomberg Essentials training. You may also address questions to the graduate program chair PV Viswanath (, undergraduate program chair Elena Goldman (, or department chair Aron Gottesman (

(6) The criterion applied to assign a final grade consists of a...
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