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1 Bonds (3 points)
A company aims to takeover one of its suppliers valued at 2 million Euros and is planning to fund the takeover by issuing three-year zero coupon bonds, each with face value C1000. After having their credit rating checked, executives have decided that they need to issue 2400 of these bonds to raise the 2 million needed to fund this takeover. What is the YTM of the bonds issued by the company? (a) 5.79% (b) 7.13% (c) 6.27% (d) 5.34% If the company’s credit rating changes due to recent earnings announcements and the YTM of the bonds should now be 4.4% how many bonds must the company issue to raise 2 million Euros? (a) 2351 (b) 2276 (c) 2248 (d) 2302 Suppose that the company may default on these bonds with a 25% probability. In case of default, bondholders will receive 60% of the face value of bonds. If the price of the bonds is same as in part (a), what is the YTM in this case? (a) 3.1% (b) 2.9% (c) 2.6% (d) 3.4%


2 Financial statements (4 points)
Use the following information for ECE incorporated: Assets Shareholder Equity Sales $200 million $100 million $300 million

If ECE reported $15 million in net income, then ECE’s Return on Equity (ROE) is: (a) 5.0% (b) 7.5% (c) 10.0% (d) 15.0% If ECE’s return on assets (ROA) is 12% , then ECE’s return on equity (ROE) is (a) 10% (b) 12% (c) 18% (d) 24% If ECE’s net profit margin is 8% , then ECE’s return on equity (ROE) is: (a) 10% (b) 12% (c) 24% (d) 30% If ECE’s earnings are $10 million, its price-earnings ratio is (a) 10 (b) 5 (c) 20 (d) Cannot be determined


3 Capital budgeting (3 points)
Fancypants Fashion is going to purchase new sewing machines worth 50 million Euros to manufacture purple trousers for the coming five years, after which purple trousers will be out of fashion and no longer in demand. The machines will be depreciated on a straightline basis over five years, and after five years will be sold at an estimated 20 million Euros. The company estimates that the EBITDA from the sale of purple trousers will be 12 million Euros per year for the coming 5 years. The company’s earnings are subject to a corporate tax rate of 40%. If the firm’s equity cost of capital is 9.6% what is the NPV of this project? (a) 0.48 million Euros (b) 0.72million Euros (c) 0.26 million Euros (d) 0.92 million Euros Instead of selling the machines after five years, the company can use them to produce grey trousers starting in year 6. If they do so, using these machines the company will generate free cash flows of 2 million Euros per year in perpetuity, since grey trousers are classics and never go out of fashion. What is the NPV of the project if the company chooses this option? (a) 5.89 million Euros (b) 5.72 million Euros (c) 6.36 million Euros (d) 6.07 million Euros Suppose that the company has decided that they will use the machines to produce grey trousers after five years. The company can finance the purchase of new sewing machines entirely by debt by issuing 5-year bonds with 6% coupon rate sold at par. Assuming this additional borrowing is project-specific and hence will not alter the company’s capital structure, what is the value of the project with the tax shield? (a) 11.56 (b) 11.94 (c) 12.25 (d) 11.12


4 More capital budgeting (4 points)
Use the following information for “Iota Industries” (all figures in $ Millions) Iota Industries Market Value Balance Sheet Assets Liabilities Cash 250 Debt 650 Other Assets 1200 Equity 800 The company considers a new project with the following free cash flows: Iota Industries New Project Free Cash Flows Year 0 1 2 3 Free CFs -250 75 150 100 Assume that Iota Industries has a debt cost of capital of 7% and an equity cost of capital of 14%. Furthermore, it faces a marginal corporate tax rate of 35%. If the project is of average risk and the company wants to keep its debt-to-equity ratio constant, its weighted average cost of capital is closest to: (a) 8.40% (b) 9.75% (c) 10.85% (d) 11.70% The NPV for Iota’s new project...
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