Intermediate Accounting Chp 16 CE/BE's

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Master Glossary

(a)The amount of earnings for the period available to each share of common stock outstanding during the reporting period.

(b)A reduction in EPS resulting from the assumption that convertible securities were converted, that options or warrants were exercised, or that other shares were issued upon the satisfaction of certain conditions.

(c)A security that gives the holder the right to purchase shares of common stock in accordance with the terms of the instrument, usually upon payment of a specified amount.

(d)The date at which an employer and an employee reach a mutual understanding of the key terms and conditions of a share-based payment award. The employer becomes contingently obligated on the grant date to issue equity instruments or transfer assets to an employee who renders the requisite service. Awards made under an arrangement that is subject to shareholder approval are not deemed to be granted until that approval is obtained unless approval is essentially a formality (or perfunctory), for example, if management and the members of the board of directors control enough votes to approve the arrangement. Similarly, individual awards that are subject to approval by the board of directors, management, or both are not deemed to be granted until all such approvals are obtained. The grant date for an award of equity instruments is the date that an employee begins to benefit from, or be adversely affected by, subsequent changes in the price of the employer’s equity shares. Paragraph 718-10-25-5 provides guidance on determining the grant date. See Service Inception Date.


According to FASB ASC 260-10-45-7 (Earnings Per Share—Other Presentation Matters):

EPS data shall be presented for all periods for which an income statement or summary of earnings is presented. If diluted EPS data are reported for at least one period, they shall be reported for all periods presented, even if they are the same amounts as basic EPS. If basic and diluted EPS are the same amount, dual presentation can be accomplished in one line on the income statement.


According to FASB ASC 260-10-50-1 (Earnings Per Share—Disclosure):

For each period for which an income statement is presented, an entity shall disclose all of the following:

(a)A reconciliation of the numerators and the denominators of the basic and diluted per-share computa-tions for income from continuing operations. The reconciliation shall include the individual income and share amount effects of all securities that affect earnings per share (EPS). Example 2 (see paragraph 260-10-55-51) illustrates that disclosure. (See paragraph 260-10-45-3.) An entity is encouraged to refer to pertinent information about securities included in the EPS computations that is provided elsewhere in the financial statements as prescribed by Subtopic 505-10.

CE16-3 (Continued)

(b)The effect that has been given to preferred dividends in arriving at income available to common stockholders in computing basic EPS.

(c)Securities (including those issuable pursuant to contingent stock agreements) that could potentially dilute basic EPS in the future that were not included in the computation of diluted EPS because to do so would have been antidilutive for the period(s) presented. Full disclosure of the terms and conditions of these securities is required even if a security is not included in diluted EPS in the current period.


According to FASB ASC 260-10-55-12 (Earnings Per Share—Implementation—Restatement of EPS Data):

If the number of common shares outstanding increases as a result of a stock dividend or stock split (see Subtopic 505-20) or decreases as a result of a reverse stock split, the computations of basic and diluted EPS shall be adjusted retroactively for all periods presented to reflect that change in capital structure. If changes in common stock resulting from...
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