Introduction to Education

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(100 marks)

Instruction: Answer all questions.

1. Diagram 1: Factors contributing to a great lesson


Discuss the above diagram using the learning theory/theories.

(20 marks)


A great lesson is very important for students and teachers. How to make a

lesson perfect? Maybe different people keep different viewpoints. Here are some

criteria for a great lesson from my opinions.

First of all, the quality of learning is exceptional. Students demonstrate excellent concentration and are rarely off task even for extended periods without adult direction. They have developed a resilience when tackling challenging activities. Their keenness and commitment to succeed in all aspects of school life and ability to grasp opportunities to extend and improve their learning are exceptional. Moreover, Progress is at least good for different groups of students and exemplary for some students.

Secondly, Teaching is at least good and often outstanding as students are making exceptional progress. Students are enthused which ensures they learn really well. Excellent subject knowledge is applied to challenge and inspire students. Resources, including new technology make a marked contribution to learning as does the targeted support from other adults. Teachers are aware of students’ capabilities and their prior learning and understanding and plan effectively to build on these. Marking and dialogue between teachers and other adults and students are of consistently high quality. Besides, The following factors are some of the other essential ingredients required for a great lesson: • Differentiating for various groups of learners

• Engaging and motivating students

• Developing independent and resilient learners

• Delivering skills and content essential for passing exams

• Assessment as part of developing progress in learning

• Challenging the most able learners

• Using technology and tools to make an impact on learning

• Effective collaborative learning and peer review

• Effective classroom management

• Sharing the criteria for success

In summary, To be an great lesson teaching is at least good in all or nearly all respects and is exemplary in significant elements. As a result, learners thrive and make exceptionally good progress.

2. Compare and contrast the Islamic and western perspectives of education.

(20 marks)


There are some fundamental differences between the Western worldview and the Islamic worldview. The Western concept of value is adopted from study of knowledge, in particular philosophy and social sciences, Islam puts the revelation as a primary source of values which make education in Islam means the value of education itself.

Firstly, The difference in worldview in conceptualizing human, knowledge, religion and God, have made Islam and Western education fundamentally different. Western secular education that is valuefree results in the disattachment of knowledge and science from ethics, morality and spirituality. And as such the corruption of knowledge due to the Western materialistic educational concept impacts the Islamic world which has long adopted such concepts due to western colonialization.

Secondly, The Western concept of value is adopted from study of knowledge, in particular philosophy and social sciences, which then was developed in the world of education with all its relative variants. Nevertheless it is a whole different issue in Islamic perspective. The virtue of value in Islam means a belief of choice in behavior and actions under normative guidance prescribed by the revelation (wahy) of Allah and the sayings of His Messenger.

In addition, education emerged as a response to moral and existential...
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