Principles of Advertising Study Guide

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* Advertising
Business - Either using an agency or have your own advertising department/advertise on your own. Government - is a regulatory body, create laws to regulate advertising, things you can advertise and things you cant advertise Cigarete Comercials on TV

Lobby – Corp trying to lobby gov. to change for the good, two forces, that think gov, is a positive thing and thinks its good for them to regulate everything and keep things in order. others who think the gov. needs to be smaller, and that they should not have as much control. Society – the culture that your brought up in, tradition, morals and values of the people. Business

Finance – the amount of money involved in advertising to promote your product. Marketing – Finding a need that the people want, and filling that need. Advertising – Non personal (to everyone whose watching, not just to one person), Always paid for, communication of info about the companies product, service or idea through the various medias (Television, Radio, Magazines, Internet) Public Relations – figuring out what the people want.

Publicity – exactly like advertising but free
Personal Selling – what you selling is relatively expensive, and exclusive. Trade shows – where companies get to meet perspective corp. buyers, they can buy a lot of stuff on behalf of their company. Promotions – any inducement or excitement to get you excited about the companies product. (giving out free t-shirts) Operations – whatever the company does

Types of markets advertising goes after
Consumer Market – things you might see on tv or hear on the radio Business/Profesional Market
Government – Trying to sell things to the government, and Profesional – advertising for accounting software, and things that your generally not going to read for pleasure, but there going to be ways to improve your business. Bar Magazines, no one is going to buy the stuff in that magazine, but owners of restraunts are going to buy it. Business – trying to get your beer on the first shelf, and dealing with the grocery store , or liquor store Integrated Marketing system – Customers hear from a various amount of different markets.(Flagler College business Cards) The consistency so everyone knows what a companies about, and what their image, logo, and slogan is. All state – Have their lil slogan on anything they hand out, “The Good Hands People”, and have their logo on most things, and have their color that they always use, so it will last in peoples memories and they associate everything their company with it. Art to creating proper advertising to get their message out properly. Theres going to be a persona (Spokesperson), a Medium (Getting the message out with a catchy phrase or something) , and the way people will receive it. Spokesperson – Someone that speaks on behalf of a company. they can be a person (like William Shatner for priceline) but they can also be a persona (like Ronald Mc’Donald), pretty much any person that’s getting the companies message out. They should be catchy, and will use catchy phrases (subway foot-long song, or I want my Baby Back Ribs) You need that artistic eye, certain color combos can make all the difference and mean completely different things. A lot of times they will advertise things as being bigger, and sounding better than they are. A lot of companies will take out some of the product, Bags of potato chips, making a beer only 11.5 ounces rather than 12. 4 out of 5 dentist recommend it ( that’s not a lot of dentist out of the millions that exist)

Price Economic Argument – Argument that competition
Exclusive Distributions – you need to buy the right to sell a certain product in that area. Advertising perpetuating stereotypes – advertising can sometimes bring out stereotypes for certain people. They have women in the kitchen in commercials, and men always doing the work. Ad agencies need to regulate themselves, they actually meet every year to figure out what...
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