profit maximization &wealth maximaization

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Most Important Theory Questions of
Financial Management
(*) means question is repetitive
(**) means question is very important

Scope and Objectives of Financial management
Q1:- Functions of finance manager.
Q2:- (*) Discuss the functions of chief financial officer.
Q3:- Inter-relationship between investment, financing and dividend decisions. Q4:- (**) Explain as to how the wealth maximization objective is superior to the profit maximization objective.
Q5:- (*) Explain the limitation of profit maximization principle of the firm. Q6:- Discuss the changing scenario of Financial management in India. Q7:- Difference between Financial Management and financial accounting.

Financial Analysis & planning
Q1:- Distinguish between fund flow statement and cash flow statement. Q9:- Explain the limitations financial ratios.
Q2:- Discuss any three ratios computed for investment analysis Q3:- Discuss the financial ratio for evaluating company performance on operating efficiency and liquidity position aspects.
Q4:- (*) Explain the need of debt-service coverage ratio.
Q5:- What is quick ratio? What does it signify?
Q8:- How is return on capital employed calculated? What is its significant? Q6:- What do you mean by stock turnover ratio and gearing ratio? Q7:- (*) Diagrammatically present the DU PONT chart to calculate return on equity.

Concept of Working Capital
[No theory question have been asked]
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Cash/ Treasury management
Q1:- Write short note on Followings
(a) (*)Different kinds of float with reference to management of cash. (b) (*)William J Baumal vs. Miller-Orr cash management model (c) (**) Function of treasury department.
(d) Concentration banking
(e) Lock Box system

Management of Receivables
Q1:- Write short note on the following :
Commercial paper
Deep discount bond vs. Zero coupon bonds
Q2:- Briefly explain the meaning and importance of crediting rating....
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