Study of Fluctuations in Stock Market

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“Study of Fluctuations of Indian Stock Market”

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Reshma Khatun
In the present situation where stock market is going up and down, it is necessary to invest consciously in the market whatever it is, this is the study about the last two year fluctuation in stock market which enables the investor in taking decision regarding investment. This study tells the factor which directly or indirectly affects the market and some basic information not only share market but also other market such as derivatives or commodity market for the new investors or the students who have some interest in stock market. The objective of selecting the topic is to know about the market trends of the stock market and the information related to the investment for the future investor. The study of fluctuations of stock market makes the investor aquatinted with the factor affecting the investment and Stock prices can be volatile and some analysts argue that this volatility is excessive. This is not easy to prove, since it is difficult to assess certainty about future earnings and dividends. Companies tend to smooth dividends, so they will be less volatile than stock prices. Volatile stock prices do not have a major impact on consumption and capital spending since there is a good chance that price movements in one direction may be reversed.

Sr. No. Pages 1. Introduction
2. Research Methodology
i. Title of the Study
ii. Duration of the Project
iii. Objective of Study
iv. Type of Research
v. Scope of Study
vi. Limitation of Study
3. Core Study

5. Conclusion
6. Bibliography

1. Introduction
A market is an environment that allows buyers and sellers to trade or exchange goods, services, and information. These interactions define demand and supply characteristics and are therefore fundamental to economies. A market can be defined as a place where any type of trade takes place. Markets are dependent on two major participants – buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers typically trade goods, services and/ or information. Historically, markets were physical meeting places where buyers and sellers gathered together to trade. Although physical markets are still vital, virtual marketplaces supported by IT networks such as the internet have become the largest...
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