Topics: Mobile phone, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, GSM Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: February 20, 2014

“Who would have imagined that a very small fraction of wires connect the whole world wide world” Upon hearing about the title of the seminar “OPTIC FIBER” a cloud of curiosity and eagerness aroused inside of me. It sounds so cool awesome and interesting, I was so excited to learn whole new things and I just knew that this seminar is of big help in my chosen career as a computer technician. I expected to learn bunch of things, an eye-opener for us who are just a beginner in the road of internet and networking business. I was a bit late on the day of the seminar, when I entered the room I can’t help but to prejudge our speaker Head of Telecom, Engr. Eric A Toledo he looks old and pale so I thought it would be so damn boring and I would barely survive till the seminar ends but I was wrong, when he started to speak it sounds alive and joyful, he cracked a lot of jokes that made most of us alive and awake, he’s sharing so many fantastic, unbelievable and new-to-the-ear knowledge, that I don’t want to take down notes because It feels like I would miss a lot of important things that he’s going to say. He started discussing broadband networks and its architectures, optical fiber and its specs, data centers and many more. I was so eager to learn more that I feel like time is not enough to absorb all the interesting knowledge that he is trying to share to us. I started asking questions that interests me and I got satisfying feedbacks from our speaker. At 10am we had our 15 min. break to eat and unwind ourselves, at 10:15 we resumed our session. The discussion was so interesting and very humoristic, we discussed from basics to the professionals. We started at the easiest part of the subject matter up to the mind winding parts. Fiber optics created a lot of opportunities for normal people to connect, communicate and reach one another in a very accurate effective and in a very short time. We learned in this seminar that grater...
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