5 Tips on Choosing a Pop Filter

Topics: Microphone, Filters, Gramophone record Pages: 1 (557 words) Published: May 25, 2014
5 Tips on Buying a Good Pop Filter for Your Home Studio
Did you just hear that pop in your vocal recording? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one experiencing popping sounds in vocal recording and you don’t have to blame your dear old microphone for that. What you need is a good quality pop filter. A pop filter is certainly an indispensable tool for both professional and home recording needs. Basically, it prevents plosives from being picked up by the microphone by blowing up the quick bursts of air formed when speaking words with letters P, B or T. Yes, you can make a simple pop filter with just a few things from around the house but you just can’t be certain how good it will be in reducing pops. Today’s technology in mass production of pop filters simple makes DIY pop filters impractical. Why bother creating one that’s not sure to provide your desired results when you can simply buy a pop filter that can actually deliver what you’re looking for? So it’s confirmed – you need a pop filter! But with the sea of brands and makes of pop filters, how will you choose one? Here are some things to consider. 1. Size. Yes, even in pop filters size matters! If you are using a guide or a sheet when recording in your home studio, you need to think of the pop filter’s size that will not hinder you from looking at your sheet. Most pop filters pretty much come in the same sizes but there are brands with large frames. You can forget about this tip if you don’t really care about visual guides in your recording. 2. Material. Choose between metal and nylon. There are people who theorize that pop filters made from metal screens give recorded sound more “color” or that it gives a “tinny” sound on the recording. However, metal pop filters are easier to clean and is obviously more durable than fabric. Then there’s the nylon pop filter, which effectively reduces pops without altering sounds. One downside to it is that it’s easily scratched so its longevity really depends on how well you...
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