ACC 557 Assign 2 You Are An Investment Analyst

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Week 10 Assignment 2: You Are an Investment Analyst (Amazon vs.eBay) Shirmere N. Gardner
Professor Pankaj Doshi
ACC 557: Financial Accounting
December 9, 2014

Analysis of Company
Company’s History
Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos;
American international electronic commerce company; World’s largest internet company Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar; American multinational person-to-person auction website; dot-com e-commerce

Offers everything from toys to video games to MP3 downloads and collectible items (apparel, furniture, jewelry, food, DVDs, cosmetics, pet supplies, etc.) Helps consumers buy and sell collectibles and antiques as well as other goods normally sold through flea markets, antique stores, etc. Also sells home improvement items, motor vehicles, electronics, books, etc. Major customers

Divisions of banks, pharmaceutical companies, cellphone companies, FDA, etc. Provides online platforms, tools and services to help individuals and merchants around the globe engage in online and mobile commerce and payments and facilitates transactions; Target markets are online auctions and shopping communities Major suppliers

Wholesalers, retailers, (Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly Clark) are just a few Auctions, wholesalers, retailers,B2B marketplaces,etc.
Jeffrey P. Bezos- Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board Pierre M. Omidyar-Founder and Chairman
John J. Donahoe II-CEO, President and Director

May 15, 2007-IPO- $18.00
January 4, 2010- $125.41
January 3, 2011- $169.64
January 3, 2012- $194.44

September 24, 1998 (IPO)- Initially started at $18.00 but closed out on that day at $47.38 January 4, 2010- $23.02
January 3, 2011- $30.36
January 3, 2012- $31.60

*Based on the information provided you can see that there is a yearly upward flow on each graph outside of the day of the IPO of eBay. This may represent that the investors trust the company and it that it is in a good financial position. Some investors may focus on share price when looking at a stock, because it is the most visible number in the financial press. Investors should not get fixated on share price alone, because companies can change share prices dramatically through stock splits, reverse splits and stock dividends without changing fundamentals. Dig a little deeper when thinking about your next investment, and remember that a stock with a high price can go much higher under the right circumstances, just as a stock with a low price can sink even further if it’s not a really a good value.

News Events

February 5, 2014- Acquired Double Helix Games LLC
December 13, 2013- Announced completion of acquisition of Braintree May 6,2014-Acquired Iconology Inc.
February 19, 2014- Acquired PhiSix Inc.
*Companies typically grow through acquisitions, however, studies have shown that the stock of the acquiring company usually goes down immediately following an acquisition announcement, while the stock of the target company, or company being acquired, tends to go up.* Financial Analysis and Key Characteristics for Investment

Amazon 2013
Amazon 2012
eBay 2013
eBay 2012
Current ratio
Quick ratio
Gross profit margin
Net profit margin
Debt to assets ratio

Accuracy and Reliability of Data on Investment Decisions
Based upon the review of the financial data of both Amazon and eBay it can be safely assumed that all information is correct in that credible sources were used to collect the data including:
All information was obtained from both company’s financial statements by both sites and compared for accuracy and consistency between reports provided. Both companies follow the guidelines of the FASB

As an investment analyst I would recommend eBay as the company to invest in because...

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