Admissions Essay / Advertising

Topics: Graphic design, Advertising, Design Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 18, 2008
Admissions Essay / Advertising

The world is changing so are we. Our borders come closer, our cultures coexist, and our lives intertwine. More knowledge opens us more doors. We can no longer allow ourselves to be ignorant about how others live or work, because in order to correctly form an opinion on a subject or critique one’s work or decide on a product, we must first fully comprehend it. The best tool we have to present and promote a work or a product to the masses is advertising; an intriguing, ever-evolving, and universal profession.

Whether it is printed, broadcasted, or online, it is intriguing to see how people and firms choose to portray themselves and their products. Also it’s fascinating to see how some of the ad agencies come up with the cleverest solutions for the given problems in consideration with the various needs of the society and the environment. Since studying at The Art Institute I began to see the world around me with a more educated and critical eye. I often find myself thinking “I would have done this differently.” in particular for poorly executed ideas in advertising. I know that different people may have different ways to communicate the same message. However, because people dedicate less and less time to watch/see/read, or to learn and get informed in general effective advertising should be clear, truthful, witty, intelligent, and memorable.

Soon after I started to study graphic design I realized that I needed to learn much more than that in order to get ahead in my path. I loved and enjoyed graphic design a lot. However it was just part of a bigger picture along with photography, another discipline I’m passionate about. The reason advertising attracts me more than graphic design is that it will allow me to both express myself creatively and communicate assigned messages with a broader knowledge of communication and marketing. As long as people’s need to pick and choose between products or services stands so will...
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