Advantages & disadvantages of advertising through Internet

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Infomercial Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: July 2, 2014
The Internet's vast reach can allow advertisers to reach significantly more people than traditional advertising media at a fraction of the cost. Internet advertising is ideal for businesses with a national or international target market and large-scale distribution capabilities. Also, by marketing one's products online, a small manufacturer in one part of the world can find customers in the other.This method has broken all geographical restrictions that existed with other mediums. As a rule, the more people your business serves, the most cost-efficient internet advertising can be. Therefore, global companies, small local businesses, anybody and everybody can increase their product sales and profits by online advertising. 

 has the advantage of sophistication ahead of any other medium. company can personalize the advertisement to different groups of customers directly and effectively by providing Visual with auditory stimulation combined which can be a powerful tool, especially when enhanced with advertising creativity. Interesting camera angles, realism and the combination of pictures and words or compelling games that integrate the customers with the promotional message is instantly exciting, particularly when compared with the more sedate appearance of newspaper advertising. The sophisticated showcasing of the product in television ads also contrasts with telephone directories, where ads are often poorly printed, relatively small and placed directly alongside competitor ads. Television advertising has the ability to show a product, demonstrate its use and the benefits of ownership or consumption. Well-executed TV advertising can persuade families to make instant decisions about purchasing products, according to Startup Biz Hub.

In traditional media, the companies passively convey the advertisement to the target and have difficulties in collecting feedbacks from the customers instantly. Nonetheless, advertising on internet especially...
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