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Advertising is a paid form of communication, although some forms of advertising, such as public service announcements, use donated space and time. Second, not only is the message paid for, but the sponsor is identified. Third, most advertising tries to persuade or influence the consumer to do something, although in some cases the point of the message is simply to make consumers aware of the product or company Fourth and fifth, the message is conveyed through many different kinds of mass media reaching a large audience of potential consumers. Finally, because advertising is a form of mass communication, it also non-personal A definition of advertising, then, includes all six features Advertising is paid non-personal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience Functions of Advertising

Advertising is an important promotional tool for any marketing campaign. So much so that whenever we think of marketing we think of advertising although it is just one of the marketing tools. Till now only companies with a profit motive went in for advertising. But today government bodies as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) go for high profile advertising campaigns. The purpose here is not to increase the sales figure but to increase the awareness of people regarding the relevant topics.Even though each ad or campaign tries to accomplish goals unique to its sponsor,

advertising performs three basic functions:
1. Provide product or brand information
Although many ads are devoid of information, providing the consumer with relevant in formation that will aid decision making is still the main function of advertising. The information given depends on the needs of the target audience. In the case of purchasing a new suit, needed information might simply include price and outlet location.For technical products, the information is likely to be very detailed. 2. Provide incentives to take decision

In most instances, consumers are reluctant to change established behavior. Even if there are somewhat dissatisfied with the current product or service, a habit has been established and learning about a new product is deemed difficult. Advertising provides the consumer with reasons to switch brands by presenting reasons through copy or graphics. Convenience, high quality, lower price, warranties, or a celebrity endorser are all possibilities. 3. Provide reminders and reinforcement

It’s amazing how much advertising is directed at current customers. Consumers forget why they bought a particular brand of microwave or automobile. Advertising must remind the customer constantly about the name of the brand, its benefits, its value, and so forth.These same messages help reinforce the customers decision. Most television advertising seems to provide this function.

Types of Advertising
Advertising is a form of selling. It tries to make consumers buy goods or services. Advertisers must be aware of the factors that influence people's buying habits and then use advertising strategies based on this knowledge. Advertising can be classified in number of ways. 1. Print Advertising:Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Fliers The print media have always been a popular advertising medium. Advertising products via newspapers or magazines is a common practice. In addition to this, the print media also offers options like promotional brochures and fliers for advertising purposes. 2. Outdoor Advertising: Billboards, Kiosks, Tradeshows and Events (OOH) Outdoor advertising is also a very popular form of advertising, which makes use of several tools and techniques to attract the customers outdoors. The most common examples of outdoor advertising are billboards, kiosks, and also several events and tradeshows organized by the company. The billboard advertising is very popular however has to be really terse and catchy in order to grab the attention of the passersby. The kiosks not only...
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