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Advertising –A tool of sales promotion for Micro Small Medium Enterprise’s

1. N.Prabakaran (Resource Scholar, Dept.of Business Administration, Annamalai University)

2. Dr.S.K.Nagarajan (Assistant Professor, Dept of Business Administration, Annamalai University),

Abstract – In these modern days, the marketing manager’s are able to find new techniques and tools of promoting the product. But advertising should be the appropriate tool which can easily reach the product towards the consumers. More or less so many methods of sales promotion can be identified, it is the correct method of promotion the products in a efficient and economic way. Hence the researcher attempts to analyze the influence of advertising on sales promotion in this paper. This is discussed in detail in this paper.

Keywords: Advertising, objectives of advertising, merits and criticism of ad, advertisement decisions, advertisement strategy.

1. Introduction:

Advertising is the poetry of marketing. It is the most observable face of marketing. Though marketing managers spend a lot of time in marketing research, product development, and boardroom planning on marketing, what the customer confronts in actual life is advertising. Advertising also offers a glamorous and interesting career among the possible options as marketing careers and is often the most talked about subject in marketing. We will discuss various issues in advertising and also how to plan for an advertising program.

2. Literature review:

The Oxford Dictionary explains advertising as ‘to make an announcement in a public place, describe or present goods publicly with a view to promoting sales’. The word advertising is derived from a Latin word Advertere which means to turn (the mind) to. According to American Marketing Association(1960) defined advertising as “any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services, by an identified sponsor”. Philip Kotler(2009) said,” advertising is a paid, non-personal (mass) communication with an identified sponsor, with two distinct goals of informing (for persuasion and to influence) people (communication goal) and increasing sales (sales goal). The definition of advertising varies with the individual’s perspective. From the point of view of the consumer, advertising is a source of information or a form of entertainment. From a societal perspective, advertising provides a valuable service to society and its members. According to Harry Simmons (1952),the modern sales executive recognizes advertising as one of the major selling tools. He realizes that a good advertisement is a good salesman. Those, a million advertisements are a million salesman. And that a good advertisement can call on a million minds, plant a million desirable thoughts, and make a million of us want the product-while a salesman is selling a single personal. Kazmi and Batra(2004) found advertising as an essential for the companies dealing in products or services that are difficult to differentiate on functional attributes. It performs an important economic function for the advertiser as it affects economic decisions of the audience,thus,it can be considered as an integral part of the entire national and international economic system.According to Hackett(2000),consumer demand depends on the factors like consumer preference,consumer budget constraints and the price of rival goods.

Thus,it is an important tool to promote the products to consumers.

3. Objectives of Advertising:

The overall advertising goal is to help build customer relationships by communicating value. The following are the some of the advertising campaigns used by multi-national companies;

1) Generating awareness: The first activity of any advertising is to make the consumer aware of the availability of the product or service and to...

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