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Fair complexion is the dream of almost every woman in Pakistan. The fairness cream industry has a lot of potential in our country as women are naturally attracted towards a fairer complexion.  There is a perception among the females that these fairness creams have side effects as these creams are not made from natural materials. Chemicals are the main ingredients in these fairness creams which are really harmful for the skin. This is our main key insight and that is why our cream PERFETO is made up of natural ingredients. Having a healthy radiant skin is every woman’s desire this drive starts from a very young age. Perfetto is a high end brand designed for the beauty cautious who have an inclination towards natural products. We will focus on social class above B, as they would have the spending power and the urge to choose natural products over chemical based products. Perfetto will target women aged between 16-24, who believe in feminism and want to portray them as confident. Using healthy products is a going trend all over the world; Perfetto wants to build its brand on this insight. To make the brand popular and acceptable as early as possible we will target the people who are trendy and seek natural products. These people will be our main drivers as they will help boost the products acceptance and image. Our product promises to deliver permanent fairness. As the market of fairness cream is in its mature stage, all the whereabouts and the reservations which females have against fairness cream is known and we can directly work on these whereabouts in order to create a point of differentiation. Perfetto will have a competitive advantage over its competitors as it stands for a natural product. Companies that do not reflect their people’s best vision and values in their actions will wither in the market place. Perfetto will be able to establish a strong image in the long term. Perfetto is being launched with an annual advertising budget of 250 million. This includes total brand advertising expenditures throughout the year covering all means and mediums of advertising i.e. Media expenditures on different mediums, social media, btl’s, outdoor, etc. The reason behind keeping the targeted age from 16 to 24 years is because nobody starts using fairness creams at the age of 14 also, after the age of 25 women start worrying about wrinkles and prefer using anti aging creams rather than fairness creams. Our specific target is those 19,951,750 females, which out of the total population are approximately 10% of the total population of the country.

Letter of Transmittal

To: Sir Abdul Rahim, Advertising
From: Mehjaeen Ghani Vohra Asad Ali Roomy, Hannah Abdul Hameed, Mustufa Nasir, Shakaib Sultan, Nabeel Date: 3rd May, 2013
Subject: Transmittal of report on “Perfetto Fairness Cream” Respected Sir,
We are pleased to submit, for your consideration, this report which has been prepared for the new product launch of Perfetto fairness cream and its advertising strategies and plans. The report was focused on the consumer insights and the advertising strategies to be used for the launch of Perfetto fairness cream. The primary research was conducted through questionnaires which were filled online by the sample of our target market. This method helped us in knowing what exactly is the perception of females regarding the use of fairness cream. Other than the research, we did the situation analysis, key strategic decisions, media strategy, message strategy and other tools. It was practically impossible to finish our research without the support of our advertising teacher, Abdul Rahim Khan. We are grateful for the guidelines and the direction told to us for developing the questionnaire. We are also thankful to the sample of our target market for filling the questionnaire accurately making our research authentic. To complete our report and reach an accurate conclusion, we have worked diligently so that the...
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