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Topics: 1970s, Female, Gender Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: March 30, 2011
The 1970’s was a hippie culture where women would be able to roam free and independent, however during this time a lot of the advertisements which were shown in the 1970s used women in order to attract an audience. With all advertisements, the ones throughout the 1970s used the AIDA advertisements in order to ensure that what was being shown in both the print and broadcasting platforms would be able to grab the audience’s attention. The second wave of feminism came as a response to the experiences of women after World War II, knowing a big upsweep in the 70s, eventhough the women in general are still rather submissive to men. There are many different stereotypes of women in advertising. Throughout history there have been many studies that proved women were mainly portrayed on television advertisements as housewives or occupations that are submissive to men. During the 70’s a lot of the women were also housewives, though they tried to work their way up. 70’s women and advertising

In the 70’s, it was reported that women were found on camera only 21 % of the time. The images of women that were shown on TV and in advertisements were imposed by the media and Women were supposed to act and behave that way. Women were told by the media to be submissive, passive, beautiful, happy, and weak. Television, magazines, and movies either portrayed women as the beautiful damsel in distress who needed rescuing or the gorgeous sexual object of which males take advantage. The message was clear and was going out to women of all ages. If we compare this type of image to the earlier years, we notice that women are becoming less innocent, and more sexual evolved. And women were still used as a way of grabbing the attention of the audience, and to eventually sell. Examples:

This advertisement clearly shows that there could be a possible connotation of the car coming before the woman. For example, due to the man standing closer to the car and placing his hand on it, while...
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