Topics: Advertising, Emotion, Marketing Pages: 3 (603 words) Published: June 26, 2014
Last month, I had the most terrible experience ever in my life with shopping at home through advertisements on TV. After watching a catchy and exciting advertisement of the exercise equipment on QVC which is a popular TV shopping channel, I decided to get it whatever it costs. I had been really excited until I operated it in reality. I wished its quality could be even only half of what it had been advertised on TV as “the best way to lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks”. The worst thing is that despite of the being tricked by advertisements many times, I still cannot control myself to not be attracted by the art of advertising. Advertises always know how to get a lot of attention for their product. There are many effective strategies that advertisers can use to manipulate their consumers. One of the most effective advertising strategies to persuade consumers is emotional words. In this strategy, advertisers use words that leave us with positive feelings are used to describe a product, person, or idea. By using these words, advertisers can bring across positive feelings about their product to consumers. Consumers can be convinced by the simple use of words such as “love, adore, hate, care.” These words bring out the positive emotions and feeling in people without needing to include the facts. In the article “Form of propaganda,” David stated that emotional words technique can even support a weak argument, or obscure a good argument’s logical focus. Emotional words can trigger a variety of responses such as fear, pity, hope, anger, guilt, desire, compassion, pleasure, or flattery. For instance, when you see a commercial on television about cruelty to animals with images of poor and abused dogs and cats, you can’t help but feel bad, that you should do something. You respond emotionally. Because of catching consumers feeling effective, emotional words is the most popular technique which advertisers can use to manipulate their consumers. Another technique to persuade...
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