Advertising & Alcohol Products

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Advertising Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Advertising & Alcohol Products
People’s life are built and protected by both us and society. We make our life happiness by enjoy as much as possible qualified products and society which is represented by government ensured the life quality by regulation requesting the obligation from all people towards product’s usage. Nevertheless, in some cases, government has to control and put the enforcement on consumer even if people like to use that product. Alcohol can be seen as a very popular example. People feel excited when use it, but, what will happen if the alcohol consumption increases year by year. As cited by Hall in his research this year, there was 25% increase in liver deaths which is caused by alcohol in last ten years. Not only alcohol beverages but alcohol advertising is interesting as well in attracting people. Therefore, alcohol advertising is now controlled strictly to prevent its bad impact. Government is allowed and able to do this for a better life to UK people.

Binge-drinking can be listed as a trouble for middle-aged, middle-class and out-of-control youth in UK. It is worth noting that UK people are one of groups consuming alcohol most in Europe (British Medical Association, 2009). Since, UK government has to consider and find solution for this problem. It can be known that the effect of alcohol is similar to drug as well as tobacco although it depends on the quantities of usage. However, according to BMA board of science, it can be denied that not only drinker but also their relatives are affected by harmful consequences from alcohol such as contributory factor and violence at home. At first, advertising is same as other marketing tools with the aim to persuade people use product as much as possible. In the situation of alcohol, Advertisement increases consumer’s conceptions about alcohol which can promote them buy more. The journal of British Medical Association in 2009 cited the research conducted by Anderson and other researchers that...
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