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There is a lot of advertising in our society today, but why is it that people seem so manipulated by advertising? Research shows that many people need their dayli dose of it in order to buy more things they actually do not need. “There has been an increase of 90% in advertising compared to the last ten years“ says the New York Times.

Advertising is a manuplating way of getting people to buy things. One time Will Roger said: “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have on something they don’t need.“ I think a part of his statement is true but there are also things to buy they need and they are also used by advertising. For example windows. Everybody needs windows and when they are shown in TV the people who watch this think like: “Wow I need these windows as they are good to save money for the heating!“ And I do not think that those windows useless. There are many ways of advertising but the most effective is while you are watching a film and suddenly it stops and there is ten minutes advertisment as they should not go to another TV programme because they are afraid of missing the film, so they will watch all of the ten minutes advertisment and the next few days they will buy something of the things they saw in TV.

Unfortunately there is much advertising which is unnecessary for example the sheets of paper which are divided out at the entrance of the underground on which is written for example: “Come to the party at Volksgarten at Friday the thirteenth!“ Nobody cars about it. They throw it away and when they need to know when it is they just have to watch on the internet and not at a sheet of paper. This is wasting. There is also a strong impact of advertising in our teenage life. We are completely brain washed about the way of living. For example we always wear what the people think it looks good. It shouldn’t be that way.

I think advertising is a necessary thing in our world because many people would not be able to earn...
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