Advertising Analysis: Nespresso

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Advertising analysis: Nespresso

1 Introduction

Television transmits popular messages at the same time visual and auditory. She is of use in other one of the support for the advertising speech, which is one of the production authorities which we find in media and will make the object of our study in this account. We will dedicate our analysis on one of the television advertising of the business company Nespresso. This advertising registers in a campaign in various media support: television, press and cinema. Our problems will turn around the strategy which the Nespresso business company shows across its campaign, to know: how advertising, by creating a picture for a mark, and by broadcasting it, can create a need at the consumer. First of all, we will introduce mark Nespresso, then we will speak about the situation of communication in which advertising is inserted. Then, we will tackle the question of discursive enunciation, that is to say different actors put into play to get desired aimed effects. Finally, we will try to give an answer to our problems.

2 Nespresso

Nestlé Nespresso SA can boast to diplay the quickest growth of the societies of the Group Nestlé, worldwide leader of the food processing industry, of nutrition and of ease. While benefiting the expertise of Nestlé, Nestlé Nespresso S.A is a full entity, responsible for its Research and Development, of its supply in raw materials, but also production and marketing of its products. Nestlé Nespresso SA offers some coffee to be savoured at home, but also except domicile: to the office; in restaurants, hotels and high range coffees; at the caterers in the service of prestigious events; in boutiques and luxury sales outlets; in business classes and first classes of airlines. In this idea, the company developed two divisions: Nespresso Business-to-Consumer, intended for individuals and Nespresso Business-to-Business, division except home.

The head office of the business company is in Paudex, in Swiss and has more than 2000 employees. Products Nespresso are commercialised in more than 35 countries through different subsidiaries and network of independent agents. Machineries are commercialised in more than 16 '000 sales outlets. Machineries and capsules are available also in boutiques Nespresso which are found in the big cities of Europe. Finally, Nespresso is an international venture which does not cease enlarging its sector of distribution.

3 The situation of communication

3.1 media and its programming

We chose, as it was mentioned in introduction, television support, because contrary to a support-paper or radio it has at the same time a visual display unit and a sound, the analysis is therefore doubly interesting. According to our sources, the campaign TV disposes 54 % budgets media which Nespresso has. It was broadcast from May. A stage teaser in first broadcast during week then longer version of 50 seconds and finally version of 30 seconds. According to our personal memories, advertising was broadcast on different chains and at the different o'clock, with a more important frequency before the newspaper of 20 h.

3.2 type

Advertising registers in a specific type. They have an impression of a tiny film. Everything makes us think of it: the production, subtitles, Georges Clooney, etc. Besides, a lot of advertising registering in this campaign was accomplished by cinema film directors, among whom notably Guy Ritchie (film director of ‘Swindles, Crimes and Botany’ or ' Snatch ', between others.) the advertising film on television must offer a history to the viewer in some seconds. Generally TV commercials go from 8 till 30 seconds. With this advertising it is almost possible to speak of infocommercial, that is to say a blip which lasts more than one minute and comes as a small film. Firms, thanks to the infocommercial, announce their picture by instituting a nearness and a narrower dialogue with their customers. The form of...

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