Advertising And Consumer Psychology

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What are the arguments for and against a more rigorous control of advertising to children under 12 years of age? Content
2.Literature Review3
2.1 What is advertisement3
2.2 The definition of children, childhood and children’s consumer behaviour5 2.3 Arguments on advertisements and children6
3.1 Advertisement should be controlled, especially towards children7 3.2 Why under 12 years old?8
3.3 Is more rigorous control possible?10
4.Conclusion & Recommendation11

1. Introduction
Children are always considered as a group that is particularly vulnerable and they need more concerns from adults. A young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority is called child. Many people believe that they are at the age to imitate adults and things they have seen. Jones (2009) thinks young children have the ability to imitate since 2 years old and they copy the actions of others. So they are easily affected by others because young children cannot protect and defending themselves against damages unlike adults. In the modern society, mass media plays an important role and advertisements can be found everywhere along with the development of modern technologies. According to Key Note’s survey of advertising market in 2012, UK advertising profits grew 2.6 per cent in the year of 2011. Moreover, digital marketing grows fast in advertising industry as consumers tend to use digital media platforms instead of tradition media (Key Note, 2012). Although the global economy is experiencing recession, the global advertising grows every year since 2010 (Key Note, 2012). However, there exist some among advertisements which is blamed to be harmful to children in the UK. For example, Bennett (2013) criticized that kids in the UK could watch Gambling advertisements on TV 211 times per year. Ofcom even declared that there is a fifteen times’ rise in the number of advertisements about gambling and children aged 4 to 15 could watched 473 times of this kind of ads on television in 2012 (Bennett, 2013). As a result, many critics appeal the restrictions of advertising is not enough at the moment and there should be more strict regulations to protect children from harmful advertisements. Therefore, a heated argument towards whether advertisements should be controlled more rigorous when they can be approached by kids under the age of 12 years old. The purpose of this essay is to discuss whether there should have a more rigorous control of advertising to children under 12 years old. Firstly, literature review about the definition of advertisement and the definition of children, childhood and children’s consumer behavior will be presented. And then the relationship between children and advertisement will be explained. Besides, the necessity of more strict control over advertisements to children will be argued in detail. Last but not least, further control of advertisements will be talked. 2. Literature Review

2.1 What is advertisement
The history of advertising is quite long and the definition of advertisement is complicated. Black (1913) explains advertisement as “a written, printed, inscribed, or otherwise visible and intelligible public notice, made, circulated, or exhibited for the purpose of attracting purchasers, customers or business”. Tellis (2004) regards advertising as “any paid message that a firm delivers to consumers in order to make its offer more attractive to them”. Millar and Choi (2003) points out that advertising communicate products, services and particularly brand values between the producers and consumers. Therefore, advertisement can be defined as a commercial activity that delivering messages about goods, services and ideas to customers through various ways like print media, television, Internet and so on. Besides, it is conducted by organizations to inform their consumers and aims at change their thinking pattern or buying...
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