Advertising and Heineken

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Q.1) What are Heineken Strengths and Weaknesses? Is Heineken a global brand? Ans. Strengths: Lighter beer, premium brand, different test (i.e. special test), old/traditional brand, attractive packaging, high quality & superior taste beer, large advertised beer worldwide mostly the form of television commercials, easy availability of brand, Weaknesses: Production facility is not available worldwide, television commercials advertisement are focused on large markets, less focus on integrated marketing campaign, less control over Licensee’s marketing of Heineken brand, less focus on emerging market of Asia & Africa, brand image established for special occasion beer rather than daily consumption beer in some country, no bottling plant in USA Yes, Heineken is a global brand - Due presence in most of the countries of Europe, US, Australia, Asia, Africa Q.2) Evaluate the research, what has been learnt?

Ans. Heineken is the traditional, superior quality & taste beer and has been observed different image from market to market. Strength of Heineken beer shows that it is renowned and famous global brand. Case says that brand perception of Heineken beer is different across the countries. In US & Hong Kong market Heineken was seen as special occasion beer rather than daily consumption beer where as in Latin America Heineken was just viewed as European imported beer. And in all market Heineken was viewed as a lighter beer of superior quality presented in attractive packaging. Heineken’s project Comet & Mosa tries to construct Heineken’s global brand identity. Project Comet concluded that brand good taste is built by five core brand values: taste, premiumness, tradition, winning sprit, friendship. Whereas project Mosa concluded that premium beer associates with taste and friendship. Consumer has strong thrust on Heineken beer and can count Heineken as a friend. Global branding strategy is necessary to perceive strong Heineken value in all market through project Comet &...
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