Advertising and Kodak

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Asking the Customer by Asking the Database.

A customer database is helpful to companies like Kodak because it lets them see who their customers are, so they can market specifically to them, and it lets them know what their customers are purchasing. If these companies did not have customer databases then they would have to find another way to gather the same information, IE: surverys. The information that gets housed after a customer purchases something is crucial in marketing strategies and production strategies. A company like Kodak could figure out which product is selling a lot of which is not selling and ramp up production or cut don production. Kodak could also market to specific age groups or specific regions with the information they gather from purchases.

An entity would be a customers name, and the attributes would be their address, purchase history. An entity could also be an age group. Attributes could include specific age, where they are from, what they purchase, what they would like to purchase.

The profile of buyers for kodaks c130 multi-function printer can be differentiated from that of people who purchase kodak's more advanced esp office 6150 printer. Armed with that information Kodak is able to target each type of customer more precisely with its retail packaing, product descriptions, and advertising placements. Instead of advertisint its entire ink-jet printer in a broad publication, Kodak will target prospective 6150 buyers through a lower-cost combination of print ads in niche magazines, web banner ads on selected sits, and e-mail lists of small-office or home-office owners.
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