Advertising and Mass Media

Topics: Mass media, Advertising, Culture Pages: 4 (1267 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Chapter one review questions
1: Culture is defined as the symbols of expression that individuals, groups and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values. Mass media is the cultural industries the channels of communication that produces and distributes songs, novels, newspapers, moves internet service and other cultural products to large numbers of people. Mass communication is the process of designing cultural messages and stories to develop them into large and diverse audiences through media channels. All three gives us a form of information of what is going on in today’s society. 2: The rise of consumer culture and the growth of industry because things change year to year with how we get information. 3: The linear model of mass communication is the influential models of how a mass medium actually communicates messages and meanings. This process also allows for feedback. The linear model of mass limitations is some of the messages doses not move smoothly from a sender point. Words and images may spill into each other crisscrossing the flow of everyday life. 4: Newer forms of media seem to threaten status quo values by causing conflict among the people for an example populist politicians often tell stories and run big ads that criticize corporations and political favorites. 5: Critics and audiences took for granted hierarchy of culture placing supposedly superior products at the top and inferior ones at the bottom. Skyscraper model of culture strengths actually depends on our preference on the taste of the masses. Limitations are in which ways we view and discuss culture today. 6: The map model culture is an ongoing process rather than a vertically organized hierarchy allows us to better account for our diverse and individual tastes. The map model culture strengths it gives us a more complex way in direction than the skyscraper does. Limitations, appreciates a range of cultural experiences without necessarily ranking the...
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