Advertising and News

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Advertising and News Paper
BCOM 426
September 25, 2011
Joyce Nielsen

Advertising and News Paper
The primary responsibility of the news media is to educate, entertain, inform, and update, the public. People rely on the truth about the events taking place in the world, and they depend upon credible journalist to receive the details and facts from the news. Most people watch morning television news programs to receive the latest breaking stories while preparing to begin their day. For people who wake up early, it seems to be more convenient to watch the news in the morning and multi-tasks. “Good Day Atlanta,” is the news program selected for this paper. The format of the structured show is entertaining and easy to follow. The morning anchors are relatable, they appear to be the kind of people the viewers would want to have a cup of coffee within the mornings. This paper will review the objectivity, bias, persuasion, sensationalism, and journalistic ethics of the 30-minute news segment. Also in this paper the analysis of the advertising and news environments is reviewed. Explaining the influence of advertising and news on society will be a topic of discussion in this paper. Analyzing “Good Day Atlanta”

One of the responsibilities of a morning news anchor is to capture the attention of the viewers in the midst of them preparing for their day. Morning news anchors understand the importance of delivering the news accurately and quickly to help connect them with their audience. “The Good Day” team delivers the news with objectivity. A portion of the segment reviewed for this paper was regarding actor, and bad boy, Charlie Sheen. The actor was reported on several major networks because of his erratic behavior and public disagreements with his popular television show. The anchors did not focus on Charlie Sheen’s melt down; they went beyond discussing his behavior and focused on the actor’s character.

The team was not biased about...
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