Advertising and Organic White Tea

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Vitasoy International Holdings Limited (Vitasoy) is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer and distributor of non-carbonated food and beverage as a leading position which began in 1940 and with product facilities in 5 countries; Hong Kong, Mainland China, United States, Australia and Singapore and product sell in more than 40 throughout the world. Vitasoy is renowned with the paper packed soymilk drinks stored without refrigeration which adopts Ultra High Temperature sterilization technology and the Tetra Pak packaging technology in the manufacture process. Vitasoy then became a household name and being internationally with two major brands: VITASOY, a nutritious soy milk and tofu and VITA, a range of juice, teas, distilled water, dairy-milk products. The most popular Vitasoy products are soymilk, lemon tea etc. (Vitasoy story,2008)

Vitasoy had announced that the company got a solid business growth of 9% in the ended 30th September 2009 in Hong Kong, posted a turnover of HK$1,561 million during the period, compared with HK$1,437 million last year. The market share of Vitasoy is occupied in the regions of North America - USA, Australasia - Australia and New Zealand and others Asia market - Mainland China and Singapore. Hence, company would like to rejuvenate the market campaigns to solidify the leading position and enlarge the market share. (epressrelease,2009) SWOT analysis of Vita Organic white tea

Vitasoy has been a long history as a Hong Kong-based food & beverage manufacturer. From time to time, the reputation of the Vitasoy is already established as a household name in most Hong Kong people's mind. Since the Hong Kong beverage market has few competitors produce on the Organic drinks products. The company is seizing and relies on this reputation and strengths to launch a new product - Vita Organic White Tea to maintain and refreshing the brand awareness of Vitasoy. Organic tea, as implied by the name, it is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Tea has been cultivated for thousands of years in Chinese history. The company focuses on the organic white tea because it has a plenty of advantages such as less caffeine, assist cancer prevention, help the body's immune system and lower cholesterol etc. to deliver a high quality beverage to consumers. Weaknesses:

The company has less organic production experience in Hong Kong compare with other specialized organic brands. Opportunities:
In recent years, organic products have gained impulse as more people are opting for healthier choices on food items free from dangerous toxins. They are also looking for the high quality organic products on the foods and even spread all over to the environment. Beside there is few competitors launch organic product, therefore, produce an organic product is one of the business opportunities. The company will cooperate with the local farmers and farm workers in Mainland China under the Fair Trade policies. This may also increase the Vitasoy's awareness, reputation and dedication to the community. Threat:

While the company once launched this new organic product, other competitors will step follow to imitate our organic products. The market may become more competitive. Positioning and Targeting of Vitasoy

Vitasoy is famed at the soymilk and being a household name in Hong Kong since 1940. However, there are still many beverage competitors appeared in the market to spread over its brand such as Coca-Cola Company, Tao Ti, Hung Fok Tung. Organic White Tea will come into VITA product - Vita Organic White Tea. Vitasoy then becomes the first local market on production of organic tea. The company is focus on the trends of consumer looking for living in a healthier way and produce Vita Organic White Tea with planting the organic white tea leaf to provide a high quality organic drink to consumers. Customer will base on different notion to select a product. For the Organic White Tea, most of the consumers...
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