Advertising and People

Topics: Advertising, Communication design, False advertising Pages: 4 (1003 words) Published: September 13, 2014
 Kevin Zhang Final Draft Eng209 04/27/13 The influence of advertising

Nowadays, there is no denying that advertising has become a very familiar word in our mind. We can find a variety of advertising on every street corner, including on the bus, at the school or even in a restroom. Maybe some people resent that advertising has occupied most people’s life, and it also has a lot of negative influence on consumers. However, other people claim that we should be more sensible and simple to look at the impact of advertisements because advertising has entered our lives, and people can not leave it. I agree with all points above. I think that sometimes advertising can be benefit to consumers because it can provide plenty choices for consumers. However, some of advertising can also have some negative influences which are making false promises and misleading on children. First of all, advertising has a positive influence which can help consumers to provide more opportunities to compare different products and more easily to choose. Today, busy life and pressure have occupied our most of the time, and people do not have enough time to choose and compare merchandises. However, advertising which is a simple way can help consumers to understand and compare different products. The author Winston Fletcher explains that advertising can be a good method to communicate between sellers and consumers in order to improve consumers choice and awareness.(Fletcher, 2010) The meaning is that advertising can provide much more information and features in order to resonate with consumers. At the same time, consumers also have the chance to understand and compare their goods through these information. For example, I remember that was...
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