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Task 1a. Explain the structure, roll and relationship between parties in the communication industry.

Communication industry is a collection of firms that attempt to inform, persuade and remind consumers about the products and services of various organisations. It is the voice of the company brands to make relationships with customers by having a feedback from them.

In a communication process feedback is as much as important as the message.

In this process of communication there are different types of organisations and people that accomplish various tasks to complete this cycle. We can simply them by drawing a structure as follows.

The client is the organisation who needs to sell the products to target audience through an advertising campaign. They are selecting the agencies for that and discussing the plans with them for a better communication. They finance the whole process of advertising and promotions. And also evaluate and control the campaign.

There are two types of agencies which are advertising and promotional. They are providing the information about the current market situation to the client organisations to achieve their targets. Advertising agencies are giving concepts and create attractive advertisements for target customers to each and every product. Promotional organisations are doing various types of promotional activities like sponsoring games and events, street promotion, promotions inside shopping centres etc. And also they are acting as an additional resource to the client organisations by doing all the administration and accountancy for the advertisements and planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the procedures for promotions.

There are different types of media organisations which are used to provide information and persuade customers to buy products and services. Nowadays internet, television, radio, magazines and news papers are providing most of the information to customers. When choosing a media for advertising agencies should know the cost, target audience media habits, product and message characteristics for better performance.

There are such organisations that are providing extra services to advertising campaigns. Some of them are printing media, promotional gift suppliers, exhibition organisers, coordinators for promotional activities. They are an extra category to support the process and sometimes cover the whole part of the campaign.

Target audience is the most important part of the advertising process which can be mass market, special market or niche market. Client should be very careful when selecting the media and the advertising concepts for the products according to the target market. They can get the feedback from them for the improvements and free publicity from them if it is an attractive and worth product for their money.

In this whole process the client and agencies are having a direct relationship to accomplish the tasks. But target customers are having an indirect relationship with client through the media. And some promotional activities customers are having an indirect relationship through agencies or special service providers. That is an easiest way of getting feedback immediately by evaluating the customer rates.

Task 1b. Identify the current trends in advertising and promotion and evaluate their impact.

Nowadays the advertising and promotional market is more competitive than past. There are lot of agencies which provide information to customers for their accomplishment of needs. And also more clients are using advertising as a specific way to introduce and promote their products and services. People are using easy ways to gather information like television, internet, radio etc. And the media is doing a huge task to communicate the people through their advertisements.

Most of the clients are doing direct marketing through the internet by direct mailing to all the service users of mail browsers such as yahoo, Google, etc. And also...
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