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Pizza Hut was established by the two brothers Frank and Dan Carney on June 15 1958 in Wichita University Campus. The brothers had a concept of opening a pizza parlor during the 1950s when they have approached by the owner of the small building who wanted a friendly and nice neighborhood business. Besides, they also borrowed $600 from their mother who has worked as a pizza cooker to purchase second-hand equipment and machineries. They got their name at their first restaurant, the building has a sign with room for just nine characters, they wanted to use “pizza” in the name and the word “hut” is suggested by their family as the building looked like a hut. Today, Pizza Hut is the largest and best pizza distribution system in the world and it is part of Yum Restaurant International the largest restaurant group with restaurant in nearly 100 countries around the world. Pizza Hut began its operations in Malaysia on 19th May 1982 with the opening of its first outlet at Yow Chuan Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

The Pizza Hut company mission statement is “To be the best pizza for every pizza occasion.” “Alone we are delicious, together we are YUM!” Pizza Hut Malaysia strives to continually develop and innovate new and existing pizza for variety, taste and value in the food industry; Provide opportunity for the personal and professional growth and development of all staff by forging excellence through talented people; Continue to deliver customer satisfaction through Quick Service Restaurant Operators; Increase market share and return on investment of the shareholders. Their vision is to make the people know that for all the eating items they desire to eat can be made available in minimum time without our effort excluding money and to improve the well-being of our customer, community and people connected to our enterprise “Run Great Restaurant”.

The target market of the Pizza Hut is family members which include adult, both men and women. More specifically; this includes professionals, large families with young children, and college students. These customers are generally divided into two groups: Core customers who use Pizza Hut 70% of their pizza occasions and Switchers who are not necessarily brand loyal to Pizza Hut but use us 20-69% of their pizza occasion. Moreover, Pizza Hut also targeting the customer by two types dines in and takes away. Dine in is for those who love to have goodtime with their friends and age fellows and some families. Take away is for those who don’t have reach to any Pizza Hut outlet and they want Pizza Hut products. They can give the order on phone by calling their hotline 1300-88-2525 and may have their pizza at their home within 30 minutes as per policy of Pizza Hut. Pizza hut have made many ways to position their products like; Advertisements in which they have differentiate their pizzas in quality. (Advertisements through newspaper, television, radio, and billboards) and their uniqueness, taste and varieties. Although the positioning statement is different from different countries but it has always hovered around its “PIZZA”.

Pizza Hut is known for putting unique ingredients in their pizza crust. Now, Pizza Hut is offering something different with their first time ever squirting pizza containing a burst of cheese and tangy sauce. The new Super Pan Pizza is a delight till the last bite. It is Pizza Hut’s signature Pan Pizza with a crust piped full or melted cheese and tangy Garlic Napoli sauce. This pizza is topped with savory chicken chunks, chicken loaf, caramelized pineapples and capsicums. It also comes in other five different flavors that are tuna sensation, deluxe cheese, Hawaiian chicken, pepperoni delight, and veggie lover. Pizza Hut uses the finest mozzarella, provolone, parmesan and cheddar cheese imported directly from France in producing their pizza toppings. The Super Pan Pizza is available in three sizes that...
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