Advertising and Public Relation

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Advertising roles and type:
* Identification :advertising identifies a product and/or the store was sold . in the earliest years ,and this goes back as far as ancient time ,advertising focused identifying a product and where it was sold . * Information : advertising provides information about the product .advances in printing technology at the beginning of the renaissance spurred literacy and brought an explosion of printed materials in the forms of posters handbills and newspapers . * Persuasion :advertising persuades people to buy things . the industrial revolution accelerated social change, as well as mass production. It brought the efficiency of machinery not only the production of goods ,but also their distribution . Types of advertising :

There isn’t just one kind of advertising ,in fact advertising is a large and varied industry . Different types of advertising have different roles ,considering all the different advertising situation ,we can identify seven major type of advertising : 1. Brand advertising ,the most visible type of advertising ,is referred to as national or consumer advertising ,brand advertising such as that for the apple mackintosh the classic 1984 commercial, focuses on the development of long-term brand identity image . 2. Retail or local advertising focuses on retailers ,distributors ,or dealers who sell their merchandise in a certain geographical area ,retail advertising has information about products that are available in local stores . The objectives focus on stimulating store traffic and creating a distinctive image for the retailer . 3. Direct response advertising tries to stimulate an immediate response by the consumer to the seller .it can use by advertising medium ,particularly direct mail and internet, the consumer can respond by telephone, mail,or over the internet and the product is delivered directly to other consumer by mail or some other carrier . 4. Business –to-business b2b advertising also called trade advertising ,is sent from one business to another ,it includes messages directed at companies distributing product as well as industrial purchasers and professionals such as lawyers and physicians . 5. Institutional advertising also called corporate advertising, focuses on establishing a corporate identity or winning the public over the organization’s point of view .tobacco company for example run ads that focuses on the positive things they are doing . 6. Non profit organization is used by non profit organization ,such as charities ,foundations ,associations ,hospitals orchestras ,museums and religious institutions to reach customers. 7. Public service advertising provide message on behalf of a good cause such as stopping drunk driving . Traditional media

Print advertising
Print media vehicles include newspapers ,magazines, brochures, and other printed surfaces such as posters and outdoor boards . In term of impact ,print media generally provide more information, rich imagery ,and a longer message life than broadcast media. a-Newspaper basics

Newspapers primary function is to carry news, which means that marketers with news to announce ,such as a special sale or new product , may find newspaper to be a comfortable environment . Marketers trying to reach a local market use newspapers because most newspapers are identified by the geography of the city or region they serve. Types of newspaper advertising three types of advertising are found within the local newspapers: Display ,classified ,supplements .

* Display the dominant form of newspaper advertising is display advertising .display ads such as the aflac ads ,can be any size and can be placed anywhere in the newspaper expect the editorial page. * Classified two types of classified advertising include advertising by individuals to sell their personal goods and advertising by local businesses. * Supplements newspaper supplements are magazine-style publications inserted...
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