Advertising and Recipe Remix

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Haldiram to set up in London
After decades of feeding insatiable Indians with its savoury bhujiya snacks, Halidram is in London with plans to open a chain of its outlets there. Haldiram, which has a turnover of 100 million pounds, wants to use London as a base for a European launch. Its products are already available in supermarkets around the world but it now plans to open branded outlets of the kind that have made Haldiram a household name from Kolkata to Coimbatore.

Looks like remixes are the order of the day. Be it the plethora of music video remixes that are dominating the small screen today or be it Haldiram's latest Recipe Remix Campaign. In either case, an endeavor has been made to reposition an old product through attractive packaging, innovations and incentives that appeal to the consumer. With mouth watering and tongue tingling names like 'Bhujiawich', 'Nut Cracker Raita', 'Jor Garam Chaat', 'Corn Mix Cutlet', 'Bhujia Roll'; Haldiram's seems to have struck the right cord in appealing to the consumers. The age old Haldiram's bhujia, which was originally perceived as a brand for the 30+ age group, is looking to cater to the younger lot. The conservative brand is now out with a 'Recipe Remix' campaign which was conceived by its ad agency Profile Advertising (which took eight months to convince the client to go ahead with the new campaign) with a view to create a workable product extension for the packaged goodies. With this campaign Haldiram's also hopes to form a long term relationship with its existing and potential clientele.

The yummy 'Chana Jor Garam Chaat' from Haldiram's
The new campaign with the tag line of 'Taste Mein Naya Twist' aims to drive home the point that a whole lot of new, never-eaten-before recipes can be created out of a single pack of namkeens, instead of the only earlier option of just eating it simply out of the pack. Talking about the new campaign and more importantly the need for it, Profile Advertising CEO...
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