Advertising and Retail Marketing Strategies

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Aruja Krishnan PCL -1 (AMC)

Haldiram's started in Bikaner, is one of India's largest sweets and snacks manufacturers. Haldiram has its establishment in many parts of India viz Delhi, Gurgaon, Nagpur etc. Haldiram was ranked as the 98th in the "India' Most Trusted Brands 2003" Survey done by A.C. Nielsen ORG MARG commissioned by " The Economics Timesµ

1. "The company caters to the Indian palate, which is its primary driver of success". In light of this statement, critically examine and suggest the Retail marketing strategies to be adopted by Haldiram's to capture a sizeable market share of the organized namkeens and sweets market In India.

Advantages with Haldiram:
Players are less Indian flavored snacks are not available in the same form as the Haldiram provides Hygienically prepared and packed

The retail marketing strategies to be adopted by Haldiram to capture market share are: Anticipating consumer requirement Introducing new flavors in timely intervals Place the products near the counters to persuade impulsive purchase Make the packaging appealing to the consumers The pack can be designed as a container which can be used by the consumers in future with Haldiram·s branding on it Never compromise on the quality and taste of the product

2. In the modem competitive scenario, promotion is a key element in the marketing mix of a company. Critically analyze the promotion strategies adopted by Haldiram's to suit to Indian consumer·s buying behavior for namkeen and sweet market?

Promotions can be divided into two categories:
Above The Line (ATL) Below The Line (BTL)

Combination of both:
Mass market- Television FM radio Events in women clubs Sponsor cookery shows Sales promotions -"Act now due to limited supply!" type. Loyalty program

3. Namkeens contribute a major share of the revenues of Haldiram's. Given the competitive scenario in the salty snack foods market in India, where competitors such as Frito Lay...
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