Advertising Appeals

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Advertising Appeal is an igniting force which stimulates the customer mindset towards the product or services. It not the only factor in the marketing mix which initiates a consumer for buying the product but it is certainly one of the advertisers' most important creative strategy decisions involves the choice of an appropriate appeal. Advertising Appeals are designed in a way so as to create a positive image of the individuals who use certain products. Advertising Agencies & companies use different types of advertising appeals to influence the purchasing decisions of people. FEATURES:

* Appeal is the central idea of Advertisement.
* An Appeal is the earnest request or a plea to the prospects. * It is the approach to attract the attention of consumer. * To influence consumer’s feeling towards products, services & concepts. * Advertising intends to promote the sales of a product or service and also to inform the masses about the highlights of the product or the service features. * It is an efficient means of communicating to the world, the value of the product or the service. * Advertising utilizes different media to reach out to the masses and uses different types of appeals to connect to the customers across the globe. * The various types of advertising appeals harness different means of highlighting the features of a product and drawing the attention of the masses towards it. Here is an overview of the different types of advertising appeals.



Rational appeals as the name suggests aims to focus on the individual’s functional, utilitarian or practical needs for particular products and services. Such appeals emphasize the characteristics and features of the product and the service and how it would be beneficial to own or use the particular brand. Print media is particularly well suited for rational appeals and is often used with good success. It is also suited for business to business advertisers and for products that are complex and that need high degree of attention and involvement.

This is generally product oriented appeal, highlights the functional benefits like- quality, economy, value, or performance of a product. Following are different types of rational appeals:

* Feature Appeal - Advertisements based on such appeal are highly informative, provides information of  product attributes or features that can be used as the basis for rational purchase decision. Technical and high involvement product often uses this appeal

* Competitive Advantage Appeal - Such appeal is used to compare the product with the competitor's product directly or indirectly and advertiser try to present his product superior then competitor's product on one or more attributes.

* Favourable Price Appeal - Here price offer is considered as the dominant point of the message.

* News Appeal - Some type of news or announcements about product or company dominates the advertisement.

* Product Popularity Appeal - Product popularity is considered as the dominant point of advertisement by highlighting the increasing number of users of brand or the number who have switched to it.

* High Quality - Some products are preferred for their quality not merely because of their taste or style, such products are advertised by highlighting the quality attribute in advertisement.

* Low price - Many people prefer low priced goods. To target such audience products are advertised by highlighting the low price tag of the product.

* Long Life - Many consumers want product of durable nature that can be used for a long period, in advertisement of such product durability is the dominant point of the message.

* Performance - Many advertisements exhibit good performance of product.

* Economy - Many customers consider savings in operation and use of product, for example in case...
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