Advertising Billboards

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Woman Pages: 3 (1263 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Erica Ware
Professor Grado
English 101
3 March 2012

Everywhere you look these days you see a billboard or advertisement selling or promoting a product, it’s inevitable. You get in your car to go somewhere and look out the window and you are surrounded by them or you open a magazine and every other page is an ad promoting something. You walk into a store or public place and at every turn there is something staring you in the face. Since billboards are so big and visible from a distance they are hard to miss. It’s basically shoved in our faces without us having a choice, but to look and glance at it. Since we are exposed to this and this is something that everyone goes through on a daily basis, we tend to ignore a lot of it until something catchy or interesting catches your eye. Advertisements make things more appealing and make us more inclined to buy products. With the amount of competitors out there selling the same products, advertisement companies try and beat them out by coming up with attention getting ads. Advertisements these days seeming have more and more sexual content in them making them borderline inappropriate to fully inappropriate and unnecessary. This can be a negative effect on the public causing image issues and men and women being degraded. By using sexual innuendos and images, advertising companies are catching the attention of the public in bad and negative ways. Most advertising ads, whether on T.V. or on a billboard have some aspect and sort of sexual content involved. Many billboards or advertisements have a sexual hint in the message which may be taken literally and figuratively. They have two meanings depending on how you take it. It is usually a simple everyday product with a statement or saying to catch your attention. For example while looking at ads online, I came across an ad for a Toms Ford Fragrance. This ad contains a woman with red lipstick and red nail polish, she is clearly naked as she holds her breasts and...

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