Advertising Causes And Effects

Topics: Advertising, Public relations, Marketing Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: March 23, 2015

Advertisement industries have affected the world for decades up until these days. We can see those flashy, catchy and colorful advertisements everywhere especially through mass media. United States was reported as the largest and creative advertising market in the world. Some people thought that advertising does not affect much on their lifestyles and some would just making assumptions that advertisements can cause negative effects to consumers especially when it is related to the product’s quality. However, we cannot be too judgmental on advertising industries because they have their own benefits. It is very important to take note that advertising does have its own positive side to country’s economy, companies and also society. Firstly, advertising can bring benefits to the economy. This is because, advertising generate more jobs comparing to the others. They offers diversity of careers option like writers, authors, artist, editors and others. According to the World Advertising Federation (WFA), US advertising generate 18.2 million out of the 126.7 million jobs in that country (2008). Besides that, advertising contribute a huge share on the country’s economy. Every advertisement that has been produced, need to pay certain amounts of taxation in order for them to publicize the advertisement to the public. According to the Wall Street Journal, Hungary adopt tax as high as 40% on annual advertising (Feher, 2014). Next, the price of the product will also be reduced through advertising. Most of the companies nowadays are more focusing on the quality of their products instead of gaining profit. One of the strategies that advertisement industries applied in their public relation are by helping the customers to understand more about the products and the company (McNamara, n.d ). Hence, the economy of the country can really be boosts up through advertising.

In addition, the society are also affected with the benefits of advertisements....
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