Advertising Client Brief

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1. Company Background
Revlon, Inc., throughout its subsidiaries, engages in built-up, marketing and selling cosmetics, women’s hair color, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare, and other beauty care products worldwide. The company sells its products through sales representatives and independent distributors like chain drug stores, chemist shops, hypermarket, merchandise stores and department stores. This company is based in New York. Revlon, Inc. Is a subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc. Their market competitors are L’Oreal, Maybelline and Cover Girl.

1.1 Vision statement
Revlon’s vision statement is to provide glamour, excitement and innovation to consumers through high‐quality products at affordable prices.

2. Advertising Problem
Revlon is one of a strong brand in the market for years. Over time has changed the market environment in which Revlon now has many competitors and they compete to attract customers. with an increasing number of competitors, the need to strengthen Revlon advertising strategy to maintain its position in the industry and become the consumer's first choice even though they have many other options.

3. Objective
The objectives of the advertising campaign have been highlighted as below, including the marketing objectives.

Advertising Objective
1. To get more sales increase during the campaign period (September – December) 2. Influence competitor’s consumers in the market to switch brand to Revlon 3. Strengthen customer brand loyalty relationships

Marketing Objectives
1. By the end of the campaign (December 2012), achieve 15% of sales more than previous campaign.
2. Achieve an annual growth rate of at least 10%.
3. Continue to strengthen international business market.
4. Improve Revlon annual capital structure.

4. Target Market
Revlon target market for this advertising campaign is:
- Women
- Aged 20 – 30 years
- College students and working women
- Average income, upper-middle class

5. Brand Personality
The brand personality for Revlon that makes people recognise about it are the good quality, and affordable price. It also a symbol of sophistication, where the consumer perceptions towards the products are glamorous, pretentious, feminine, smooth, sexy, and gentle.

6. Strategy
The strategy that Revlon will use for this advertising campaign is to collaborate with international top magazine to do joint-venture promotion where Revlon provides a voucher in each copies of the magazine. They also will have special saving coupons and promotion on their official website, depending with the terms and conditions. For this advertising, Revlon will have a new celebrity endorsement to become their spokesperson in for this campaign.

7. Media channel
Revlon will use a traditional media and new media to run this advertising campaign. It will be advertised in television, magazines, billboard, and brochures. Through social media, Revlon will put the advertisement in their website, announce latest update about the promotion and vouchers and put a link on the twitter and facebook fan page that will lead the viewer to the main website of the company.

8. Creative Idea
Revlon strategy will use for this advertising campaign is to use a celebrity endorsement. This will greatly assist this campaign because the right choice of celebrity will influence consumer purchases. Suggested celebrity for this advertising campaign is: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

9. Budgeting
The budget amount allocated for this advertising campaign is $1,597,400. This amount covering all cost involve including the production cost, celebrity endorsement cost, newspapers and magazine advertising, television advertisement, billboard and facebook advertisement. These cost estimated for the duration of 3 months period of time.

10. Additional Information
Additional information regarding this campaign will be...
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