Advertising Creativity Deconstruction Exercise

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Advertising Creativity Deconstruction Exercise
Advertisements of today compared to those in the past have come a long way from how it is used to how it is presented to the public. Advertisers use many techniques to wheel in most of their customers into buying or trying a product whether it is new or an improvement of an old product. There are three advertisements that are so good and make people want to buy them. Nike shoes

Nike advertising is one of the most effective emotional branding examples in the marketing world today. On this advertisement, it is obviously that you can do anything wearing Nike shoes such running, playing tennis, basketball, riding horse, dancing and so on. There are also a lot of heroes in this advertisement such as James brown and Serena Williams, they wear Nike shoes and they are heroes in their fields. The big idea of this advertisement is that we're all capable of a little more--a little faster, a little higher, a little stronger, a little more, and when we look at all of the little things we've done, we'll see the big things we're doing. It has Nike shoes’ unique selling proposition: when you wear Nike shoes, you can be powerful; you can beyond yourself; you can do anything possible. They try to communicate their customer to be inspired and loyalty. Nike advertising takes the common hero story and turns it on its head. Instead of inspiring customer loyalty by letting they face their laziness and their potential. Nike advertising knows just how often we battle with our lazy side and how big potential we have. Every time when we are in some activities, the battle begins. When we choose how long to run, the battle continues. This is how Nike marketing uses emotional marketing to inspire customer loyalty. This advertisement is very interested in people can challenging every hero in their part by changing scenes. Ordinary people can fight with their heroes and they did a very good job wearing Nike shoes. You can see Nike’s logo...
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