Advertising Critique

Topics: Smoking, Nicotine, Mass media Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Advertising in the 1900’s was very popular for persuading people to buy the a product. Imitating and have the “image” or look of a particular person and influence more and more people to buy the product is the goal. In today’s society advertisments work the same way and if anything it has it’s pro’s and cons of the way people live their lives by being influenced by these advertisements.The first photo that I chose to present, portrays how an elegant woman from the 1920’s is smoking a cigarette and advertising “The Old North State” cigarette box. By advertising this photo it is presenting that not only do low class, or strapping, attractive men smoke. However the most elegant looking woman with her pearls, and “flapper” image are making cigarette smoking look sophisticated. Furthermore, this in no way should have this type of appeal but people start to become influenced because they feel this is most appealing due to advertisment with using bright colors and an attractive woman. During this era smoking was particulary popular amid most people and expanded in the years to come. The observer viewing this advertisment may feel this will make him or her look more appealing, but little does he or she know the consequences that come with smoking. Back then there wasn’t much information on cigarette smoking and how it effects your body in the long run so people did not see it as harmful. Although today there are many ways to try and quit smoking people will still manage to harm their bodies but at least we have the knowledge to make the choice to do it or not.

This next photo from a magazine or “advertisment” from todays society has the same similarities as the ad from the 1920’s. This photo is showing television star icon from “Sex and the City”, Sarah Jessica Parker. Most people know that this show reveals characters with class, fashion and the perfect lives of living in New York City. Along with the old advertisment this is showing a beautiful woman in her...
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