Advertising Driving Consumer Needs

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Ethics Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Choose a market for analyzing this question. Do you subscribe to the view that advertising “drives” consumer need? Justify your response with references. Marketing and advertising are powerful tools which influence consumer’s perception, drive, cues and response as cited in Essential of Marketing, the textbook. Most consumer needs are a combination of what the consumer perceives to be a need and the message convey through the advertising (South University Online Lecture, 2009). Thus, the consumer is influence or persuaded by the advertising and marketing of a certain product, brand, and/or good/services. For example, alcohol advertisement during the Super Bowl, World Series and major holidays such as Independence Day (South University Online Lecture, 2009)

1. Give examples of at least two other products where you feel your “needs” as a consumer are driven by advertisers. Discuss the ethical aspect of this kind of advertising. Individual and organizational needs are both a part of the buying experience (Cannon, McCarthy et. al, pg. 146). Both needs are vital to the organization or firm as well as the individual. However, ethically, there can be a very thin line between what is right and wrong practices in business. For example, for a profit organization that goal is to maximize its profit, is going to use strategies which allow the firm to reach this goal. Yet, there are governing bodies whose responsibility is to regulate the buying, selling or reporting practices of an organization. For example, the Federal Credit Reporting Act (South University Online Lecture, 2010). In the writer’s opinion, healthcare emergency is an example of when a consumer need supersede the organizational needs. Other examples are automobile and mobile servicing advertisement. But, to generalize what consumer needs are more important than others would be an overstatement on my part. Ethically, in the writer’s opinion, when advertising drives...

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