Advertising Environment

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Russia Pages: 8 (1600 words) Published: May 5, 2015

Advertising environment:
Well our product Bokuk’s electric heating pad is going to have market in the Russia. As we know Russia is a big country with huge amount of population. We choose Russia for our product because Russia like most Northern hemisphere countries suffer from harsh cold winters, experiencing an average winter of −20°C (-4°F), the Northern parts of Russia also retaining a longer winter period of at least 6 months. Only some parts of Russia are instilled with heating systems provided from the government, which means majority of the citizens must instill their own heating system and pay bills to retain the system for at least 6 months. Now as Russia is one of the large producers of gas, the prices are ridiculously low, the only catch is that when systems are instilled there are no on/off switches, which means the heating systems are maintained throughout the year. As, the winters in Northern Russia are prolong and the retention of cold climate high so, it is an excellent target for 'Heating Mats'. The Challenges of Advertising and Marketing in Russia is a big deal. To advertise and market a product in Russian market is not an easy task as Russia is not country, it is a vast scattered area where no unified marketing strategy can be applied. This means that the product which sells perfectly in Moscow may not be attracting consumers in St. Petersburg. There are regional differences which causes difference in lifestyle of the people in Russia. Moreover, the Russian market is so dynamic that whatever marketing strategy which works today may not work tomorrow. Still there are many mediums through which product awareness can be increased and challenges of marketing and advertising in Russia can be decreased which are given below:-Advertising on the Internet. Internet has become the most popular medium through which we can make your products and services popular not only in Russia but also globally. Most of the people now search for products and services on the internet. Thus, it becomes the most important medium of which can make the task of advertising and marketing in Russia easier. Mass Transit Advertising is a popular in Russia. Mass transit advertising is a great way to advertise our products and services on public transportation and private car. Each one of us can notice the advertisements displayed on buses passing by or while standing on a bus stop. We never know when our advertisement on a public transport clicks into the mind of the consumer and tempting them to buy that product or service. Outdoor Advertising is another way for the promotion of our product. In this type of advertising we need to be careful about the area when we choose for advertising our products and services. The outdoor advertisement is likely to yield quick results only if certain matters like design of the advertisement, location of the advertisement etc., are taken into consideration. Television Advertising for the best marketing. If we want to make your product popular in Russia, we can go for television advertising in local channel. The advertisements coming in between of the favorite program of people is for sure noticed by them and if they require, are likely to place an order. Besides, the above mentioned ways, there are many others like press advertising, radio advertising in Russia, marketing researches, public relations etc., which can help you in achieving success and facing challenges of advertising and marketing in Russia. Choosing a right advertising media is also important to develop a perfect marketing strategy. Whether we want to go for online advertising in Russian websites or opt for outdoor advertising and indoor advertising in Russia depends on the type of product or service you are trying to sell. You can also opt for advertising in public transport in Russia to get more attention. Advertising on television in Russia would be great as so many people watch TV and may come across your advertisement which...
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