Advertising: Form Of Communication

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Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience to continue or take same new action. Nowadays advertisements have become a part of our lives. Advertising is everywhere with many different form of advertising that can influence our decision, we can see it on TV, newspapers, magazine, billboard, or even we can hear it from the radio. The main purpose of advertising is to increase the usage of a certain product, creating new customers and to make people recognize the brand, and to indicate introduction of new products. However it has both the advantages and disadvantages.

Before we want to buy something, usually we search the price of the product and we generally try to get the cheapest product with the same quality. In this case, advertising help us by providing information about markets and also give information about the properties of the products. Advertisement also can help the companies increase in their sales, by developing a brand identity. By advertising, the companies are allowing people to learn about what you offer, and thereby create awareness about the product or services. With consistent advertising, consumers will remember and recognize the products, and also develop a certain kind of trust in whatever products or services that the companies offer. This will help to set good image of the company’s product.

On the other hand, advertising also has some disadvantages. First of all, people are influenced by them, especially children and teenagers. For example, big companies always use beautiful girls and handsome boys on their commercials, so that children and teenagers want to be as beautiful as these girls and as handsome as these boys. Big companies are also willing to pay large amounts of money for famous people to create an advertisement. But this way the companies might waste a lot of money if the advertisements did not attract the consumers. Second of all, the advertisement sometimes can be...

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